Disney is now officially larger than Netflix in terms of subscribers

Netflix's bad year just got a whole lot worse as Disney has now surpassed its streaming numbers.

Netflix is still the single largest streaming platform in the world in terms of userbase, but its days at the top are over because of Disney.

Disney Larger Than Netflix Subscribers Scaled
Disney just can't seem to miss with films like Prey paying off dividends for the Mouse House.

According to Disney, its number of streaming viewers has now surpassed Netflix after it saw an increase of 14.4 million additional customers in the past quarter. On the other hand, Netflix is still losing subscribers by the millions after posting its first negative subscriber gain a few months back. As a result, Netflix's subscriber number of 220.7 million is now fewer than the 221 million streaming customers that Disney has across Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

To make matters worse, analysts believe that Disney's current dominance will only make it much harder for Netflix to recover its spot at the top if that's still even in the cards. Keep in mind that Marvel Studios just revealed its full Phase 5 slate. If you add this to the cheaper ad-supported tier that's coming in December, things suddenly aren't looking too good for Netflix.

To make matters worse, Netflix is believed to be taking a different approach with its ad-supported tier once it launches next year.

Disney Larger Than Netflix Subscribers
Between all the upcoming Star Wars and Marvel films as well as shows, Disney doesn't have to worry about having enough original content to give audiences a reason to stick around.

Disney's new "Basic" tier is how the current standard Disney Plus membership works down to the pricing. The only difference is the ads. However, Netflix will cut certain TV shows and movies once its cheaper service becomes available. Netflix is already having issues hanging onto premium content. It will be interesting to see how it will decide which type of content are worthy of being exclusive to the ad-free tier and which aren't. More importantly, we're pretty sure that this will ruffle feathers more than the price increase that Disney is planning to impose on December 8.


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Speaking of Disney, fans can look forward to watching Andor make its delayed debut with three episodes going live simultaneously on September 21. Also, Disney and Marvel are promising that it has an epic D23 Expo 2022 planned for September.

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