Tom Hiddleston confirms that discussions have already begun for Loki Season 2

It looks like Loki Season 2 will be coming much sooner than most people think.

Note: there are spoilers about the ending of season 1 of Loki ahead.

It hasn't been long since the season 1 finale of Loki aired, but it seems like discussions for season 2 have already begun.

Season 1 of Loki might have just ended, but the showrunners are already busy planning for season 2.

For those that don't know, Tom Hiddleston recently reprised his role as the Norse god of mischief, Loki, in the MCU TV series of the same name. The events of the show pick up exactly from Loki's latest appearance in the MCU. He escapes with the Tesseract just as the Avengers were busy stealing the infinity stones throughout history, only to find himself caught by the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

The organization then takes Loki to their HQ where he makes a deal to help out the TVA agent, Mobius M. Mobius, catch a much more sinister variant of Loki.

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When can we expect season 2 of Loki?

It will be interesting to see how season 2 of Loki will go. By then, several other MCU films and TV shows will have already premiered.

After making its Disney+ debut in June, Loki has had quite an eventful run. Throughout six episodes, it treated audiences to a bevy of surprises. Eventually, we found out that not everything is as it seems, among other things. Perhaps more importantly, the ending to season 1 of Loki confirmed that a second season is coming.

This makes it the first timem in the short run of MCU TV shows on Disney+, that a series will get a second season.

Now, just days after the finale premiered, Tom Hiddleston confirmed that Marvel is already in "deep discussions" about where the series is headed next.

For those who don't know, the season 1 finale finally revealed who's been pulling the proverbial strings all along. As it turns out, it's He Who Remains, who is played by Jonathan Majors, the same actor that is also set to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as Kang the Conqueror.

Although Loki doesn't specifically refer to the character by his name, as the finale ends on a cliffhanger, it does set up a lot of things for the rest of the MCU. In particular, how Kang will play a role in future films, as well as how Loki will lead to the Multiverse of Madness.

With so many subsequent MCU TV series' and films intertwined, it's safe to say that we shouldn't expect season 2 of Loki to air anytime before 2023. However, the good news here is that the MCU seems all-in on its multiverse-centric storylines. This could potentially lead to the sort of storylines that we could only imagine in the past.

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