Discord backtracks on NFT plans following user backlash

It didn't take long for Discord to change its plans about cryptocurrency after users came forward and expressed their discontent.

Earlier this week, Jason Citron, the founder, and leader of Discord, tweeted a mockup of what he believes is the next step of Discord. It showed a potential integration with NFTs and other cryptocurrencies alongside Youtube and Twitch as well as other services that are already integrated into the Discord app. It didn't take too long for the internet to voice out their disapproval of Citron's plans.

Discord's founder was quick to announce that the earlier teased crypto features weren't coming to Discord anytime soon.

Thankfully, Citron isn't the kind of founder not to listen to the people. Just days after tweeting the mockup, Citron has confirmed that Discord is backing away from its crypto dreams.

User backlash puts a stop to Discord's NFT integration plans

Before Citron's initial tweet, there were rumors about Discord integrating NFTs into the platform. It didn't help when multiple Discord users reported receiving older surveys regarding NFT-integration in Discord. However, it appears that the internet eventually won. After making his tweet public, the next few days were filled with statements from discontent users who effectively let Citron know that they'd leave Discord if it implemented NFT-integration features.

It also looks like users weren't the only ones against the move either. Several employees who are currently working over at Discord also expressed their thoughts and let users know that not everyone at Discord agrees with the cryptocurrency integration.

TLDR; Discord isn't getting into cryptocurrency anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Discord is just a small player in the grand scheme of things. Even if Citron says no to cryptocurrency integration, for now, this doesn't guarantee anything. Discord could still very well integrate NFTs and crypto in the next few years if not months. The silver lining here is that Citron knows that Discord just can't add such a feature without backlash, both from users and even from its staff.

Even if Discord backtracked on its initial NFT plans, it's probably only a matter of time before it is implemented.

In other crypto news, other companies have already expressed their interest in getting into the cryptocurrency space. EA, for example, believes that crypto and NFTs are the future of gaming. Meanwhile, Ubisoft just confirmed that it plans on making blockchain games. There've also been rumors of former Halo and Call of Duty devs working on a NFT-based free-to-play AAA shooter title.

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