A different studio is working on the Horizon Zero Dawn Remake

The long-rumored remake of Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly under development by a different studio.

For better or for worse, Sony has a habit of remaking perfectly good-looking games for the PlayStation 5 even if it only came out recently. It's what happened with Marvel's Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 1. If we believe recent rumors, Sony wants to do the same thing to Horizon Zero Dawn. But, unlike with the aforementioned titles, PlayStation Studios pawned off work on the PS5 remake of Horizon Zero Dawn to another studio - not Guerilla Games.

different studio working horizon zero dawn remake
If nothing else, this isn't the first time Sony has released a "remake" of a relatively new game.

According to Colin Moriarty, sources are telling him that Guerilla isn't the one working on the "Horizon remake thing." Unfortunately, Moriarty refused to drop the name of the team behind the remake, which is why there's plenty of speculation going around. Moriarty has added that the purpose of remaking Zero Dawn is to bring it closer to its sequel, Forbidden West.

Zero Dawn has aged quite well and it's thanks mostly to the efforts of Guerilla Games and the Decima engine. The studio's proprietary game engine is responsible for a handful of the best-looking games in the video game industry, from Killzone: Shadowfall to the upcoming Death Stranding sequel. But, while the PC version of Zero Dawn still looks amazing, the PS4 and PS4 Pro version doesn't look as good as its sequel on the same platform.

If nothing else, a PS5 remake of Zero Dawn should help tide audiences over while waiting for the inevitable threequel and the PC port of Forbidden West.

different studio working horizon zero dawn remake
Guerilla Games' Decima engine is easily one of the best video game engines in the gaming industry.

At the moment, Guerilla is deep into the development of several Horizon projects. First up is the DLC for Forbidden West, Burning Shores, which is set in Los Angeles and will launch in April. If it follows the same pattern as Zero Dawn, Burning Shores will tease the setting and plot of the third game. In addition to this game's official expansion, Guerilla is also helping Firesprite out with the first Horizon spin-off, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a PSVR2 launch title. Finally, Guerilla is working on a standalone MMO set in the expanding Horizon universe.

Mind you, this is just on the gaming side. Keep in mind that Netflix is working on a Horizon live-action show. Guerilla is likely consulting on it, and if possible, trying to find a way to make sure that all Horizon projects are interconnected.

This isn't to say that a PS5 remake of Zero Dawn is justified but we understand why Sony greenlit the project and why Guerilla isn't the one working on it.

different studio working horizon zero dawn remake
Horizon's expansive universe is about to get a lot bigger in the next few years.

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