Did a DC Comics writer confirm James Gunn is directing the Superman reboot?

During an interview, writer Tom King apparently confirms that DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn will be directing Superman: Legacy.

DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn may be doing more than just writing the script for Superman: Legacy. Could he also be directing the big screen reboot?

During an interview, writer Tom King apparently confirms that DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn will be directing Superman: Legacy. (Images: DC Studios/Warner Bros. Discovery)

After the bombshell announcement that revealed the DC Studios slate planned by Gunn and his Co-CEO Peter Safran, there have been rumors that Gunn might be directing one or more of these projects. With the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) approaching the end of the line in The Flash, fans have been anticipating specific details for what is in store in Superman: Legacy.

In an interview with Comic Pop Returns, writer Tom King was asked about the collaboration with DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn, who already announced he is writing the script for Superman: Legacy. However, it seems Gunn might be more involved with the project than initially announced.

While the Comic Pop Returns interview on their YouTube channel is currently in private setting, some fans were able to record and share the Tom King section on social media:

In the interview, Tom King stated:

James Gunn is a super nerd and he’s super creative. He’s both the writer and director of the Superman movie, and he’s sort of the creative force behind all of this, him and Peter Safran… and he reached out to a group of screenwriters and myself, fantastic, amazing whose names he's put out there, and to work on making these movies and tv shows as good as they can be.

Tom King is one of the DC Comics writers that Gunn has tapped to serve as a braintrust in helping develop the DC Universe. King is noted for infamously writing Wally West (aka The Flash) to be psychologically disturbed and killed fellow superheroes in the comic mini-series Heroes in Crisis (2018). However, he is also credited for the critically acclaimed Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (2021).

As a writer for DC Comics, Tom King infamously gave Wally West/The Flash a dark turn from a psychological breakdown in Heroes in Crisis (2018).

Superman: Legacy was announced as part of the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters phase for the DC Universe. So far, it has been revealed that it will not be another origin story. However, it will be centered on a younger Clark Kent that is still learning how to balance his life as a mild-mannered reporter and as the most powerful super-powered being on the planet.

Unfortunately, this direction is also what led to the decision to let go of popular Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill from continuing in the role. Although according to James Gunn, they have had talks to work with Cavill in other planned projects.

DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery have not officially confirmed James Gunn’s status as director of Superman: Legacy, as of the time of this writing.

Aimed to be the true beginning of the new DC Universe, Superman: Legacy is projected for a theatrical release on July 11, 2025.

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