DICE to co-develop new Battlefield game's single player campaign

The Battlefield 2042 developer will support Ridgeline Games for the next entry into the long-running game series.

Seattle-based Ridgeline Games will be taking charge of the single player campaign for the next Battlefield game.

DICE will take a back seat in the development of the next Battlefield game’s single-player campaign. The lead developer for the multiplayer-only Battlefield 2042 has a supporting role for the upcoming entry into the famed first-person shooter series.

EA announced last September that it was creating a new studio called Ridgeline Games. The studio will be led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto.

Ridgeline Games was established in late 2021 and has been recruiting manpower for its first project. According to the job posting, developers will be working on "a narrative campaign in the Battlefield universe."

Swedish studio DICE will serve as co-developer of the single-player campaign. However, it is unclear how much the studio will be involved in making the campaign as Battlefield 2042 did not have one.

DICE will support Ridgeline while developing the next multiplayer experience for Battlefield.

DICE will also be working on the multiplayer experience of the future Battlefield game. Los Angeles-based Ripple Effect will work on a different Battlefield project.

"Our decision to build out our single-player team here at DICE is a proactive approach that arms our global teams with the resources they need early on as we look ahead to the next Battlefield experience," General Manager Rebecka Coutaz said. "We have an immense amount of strength and opportunity within our three global studios, with each team bringing their own set of deep franchise experiences. Now, we are able to expand opportunities and benefit from new talent that will help Ridgeline write the next chapter for the franchise."

In 2021 EA announced its plan to create a "connected Battlefield universe" with dedicated studios working on single-player and multiplayer modes. DICE hired Respawn Entertainment and Infinity Ward veteran Vince Zampella to oversee the development of the entire Battlefield series. Former DICE general manager Oscar Gabrielson left EA as the company shifted its direction for the franchise.

Ripple Effect will be working on a separate Battlefield project.

Lehto adds, "Our vision coupled with their experience with the franchise is going to see us build a single-player campaign that will engage players in new ways while also remaining true to the classic elements of what makes Battlefield truly unique."

It will be interesting to see how DICE, Ridgeline Games, and Ripple Effect approach the next game in the series considering the disastrous start for Battlefield 2042. The studios involved with Battlefield 2042 had to dig deep to revive the series after the game received backlash from fans when it launched in December 2021.

Hopefully, EA has learned its lesson with Battlefield 2042 and launch the next game with all the features that fans expect from the series.

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