Diablo Immortal: Release Date, Trailers, and More

Blizzard has always tried its best to keep its franchises ahead of the proverbial curve.

Diablo Immortal is set to bridge the gap between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.
Diablo Immortal is set to bridge the gap between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Case in point, making Diablo available on consoles, once again, with the release of Diablo 3 in the early 2010s. However, in what seems like an even more monumental move, Blizzard wants to bring Diablo to mobile with Diablo Immortal.

What's even more surprising is that the world's premier dungeon crawler will be designed as a mobile MMO.

Make no mistake, it's still going to be an action role-playing game (ARPG). However, it will also be designed to incorporate MMO elements. This includes public events, dedicated multiplayer dungeons, as well as voice chat, among many others.

With that said, it seems like there's a lot for even the most hardcore fans to learn about Diablo Immortal.

Join us below as we take a closer look at all the available information regarding Diablo Immortal so far. This includes everything from trailers to gameplay, a potential release date, available playable classes, and so much more.

What Is Diablo Immortal?

Yes, Diablo Immortal is literally Diablo for mobile phones.
Yes, Diablo Immortal is literally Diablo for mobile phones.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile with touchscreen controls take on the classic Diablo gameplay.

In the game, players will take on the role of an adventurer and choose from any one of the six confirmed playable classes.

The events of the game are set five years after the end of Diablo II but before the start of Diablo III. It will feature recurring Diablo characters such as Deckard Cain and will start players off in the town of Wortham.

The plot will revolve around locating and destroying Worldstone shards scattered all over Sanctuary in hopes of preventing a world-ending catastrophe.

When Is The Diablo Immortal Release Date?

It'll probably be a while before we get a chance to see what Skaarn is made of.
It'll probably be a while before we get a chance to see what Skaarn is made of.

"Coming soon".

That's the closest thing that we all have to a potential release date for Diablo Immortal.

Considering that Blizzard CFO, Dennis Durkin, has already confirmed that Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 will not release in 2021 and that Diablo II: Resurrected is expected to release on or before December 2021, Blizzard's hands are already full as of the moment. But, from the same financial call, we can assume that they're expecting to release Diablo Immortal later this year.

Whether or not that's a full release or a beta test is something that we're hoping to find out more about soon.

Is There a Diablo Immortal Trailer Available?

Considering that Diablo Immortal was first announced way back in 2018, there've been multiple trailers for the game out already.

One of the more prominent ones is around two and a half minutes long. It contains everything from what the potential UI of the game would look like, new models, as well as former Diablo 2 big baddie, Baal, making an appearance.

At BlizzCon 2018, two trailers that featured gameplay and a story cinematic were shown with a development update trailer revealed at BlizzCon 2019. Then, at BlizzCon 2021, more details were shown via a thirty-minute chat from the game's lead designer, Caleb Arseneaux, among many others.

What Is The Diablo Immortal Story?

Diablo Immortal might be a mobile take on the Diablo franchise but it's not going to be a watered-down version. Instead, it will feature the same experience that fans have come to love and expect from the AAA dungeon crawler. The main difference is that the controls are designed specifically for touchscreen smartphones rather than a controller or a mouse.

The game is currently in development by Blizzard with help from NetEase. This is the same Chinese company that Blizzard currently works with that helps them operate multiple titles in China. This includes Overwatch, Warcraft, and Diablo 3.

As already mentioned earlier, the game will be set 5 years following the conclusion of Diablo 2. It will revolve around the destroyed Worldstone and what led to the events of Diablo 3. In addition to Diablo alumni, Deckard Cain, Diablo Immortal will also feature other characters that appeared in Diablo 3. This includes Leah and Malthael, as well as another franchise mainstay, Tyrael.

Demon hunters Valla and Josen will also be making an appearance after appearing in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

As for the enemies, it seems like Diablo Immortal will see the return of Diablo's brother and Lord of Destruction, Baal. Skarn, the Herald of Terror will also serve as one of the game's main antagonists. He is Diablo's most powerful lieutenant and seems hell-bent (get it?) on bringing his master back to life.

It is expected that the story will be expanded upon in future updates.

What Is The Diablo Immortal Gameplay Like?

Diablo Immortal isn't just a mobile version of Diablo. It's a Diablo game designed specifically to be played on mobile phones. Because of this, it was designed to play like a mobile game as opposed to being re-designed to support touchscreen features.

The game will feature six familiar classes that have already made an appearance in previous titles. This includes the Barbarian, Monk, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, and the Wizard. However, what makes Diablo Immortal unique is that it will let players of different classes and skills work together in ways that they never could before.

For example, skills that could only damage one enemy can be stacked on top of each other so it can hit an entire wave of enemies.

Another unique feature is the ability to charge basic attacks by using them repeatedly to use Ultimate Abilities. Players will also be able to use Legendary items to augment their powers and unleash enhanced attacks to help them when fighting against particularly difficult foes.

Diablo Immortal will also let as many as 10 players participate in large-scale open-world battles. The game will also feature a greater emphasis on platforming and the environment. In one particular instance, players are seen fighting against enemies that followed them as they escaped on a raft to move across a river.

All in all, Diablo Immortal will feature familiar gameplay. However, expect all the nuances and subtleties to change, often for the better.

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