A Diablo Immortal player spent too much on the game that can't enjoy PvP anymore

Diablo Immortal's matchmaking system has made it impossible for a Diablo Immortal player to match against others.

Contrary to popular belief, Diablo Immortal is not "pay-to-win". Unfortunately, it isn't easy to tell the public this is the case when Diablo Immortal has mechanics that make it a lot easier to get ahead if you spend more money. A good example is Youtuber Jtisallbusiness.

You could say that the Diablo Immortal's player doesn't jiggle jiggle, it folds.

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Apparently, Jtisallbusiness has spent "a ton of money right at the start" to get ahead of other Diablo Immortal players. The top Diablo Immortal player estimates that he has spent a little over $100,000 on the game. Because of his massive investment, the player ended up "slaughtering every single person" in PvP. Unfortunately, this success has come back to bite him in a bad way.

Jtisallbusiness claims that the powerful gear and the impeccable matching win-loss record have made it impossible for Diablo Immortal to find him a match. Jtisallbusiness claims that he's spent 72 hours for the past few weeks just looking for a match to no avail. As a result, Jtisallbusiness can't participate in PvP battlegrounds.

This end-game feature is important in Diablo Immortal for clans and clan leaders. In the case of Jtisallbusiness, these "issues" are making it impossible for him to defend his clan's title as the server's top clan, otherwise known as the "Immortals".


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Jtisallbusiness shared that Blizzard is attempting to fix this problem. But, he's wondering if Blizzard will refund him for the money he's spent on Diablo Immortal. After all, if he can't enjoy Diablo Immortal's key features anymore, what's the use?

Blizzard claims that a "vast majority" of Diablo Immortal players aren't spending money on the game.

As expected, the internet isn't on his side. Since Jtisallbusiness has "won" Diablo Immortal, he's just getting exactly his money's worth. The point of spending money in a "pay-to-win" game is to win, and he's done just that. It's just unfortunate that he can't enjoy Diablo Immortal anymore now that he's leagues ahead of everyone else.

Speaking of Diablo, Blizzard confirmed that it will limit the microtransactions for Diablo 4 to cosmetics only. The next mainline Diablo installment is expected to come out next year. In the meantime, you can check out the latest Diablo 4 trailer that reveals the arrival of the fan-favorite character class, the Necromancer.

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