Blizzard confirms Diablo Immortal delay to 2022

Blizzard needs more time to polish Diablo's mobile debut.

Blizzard's Diablo franchise was initially a PC-only affair. The first two Diablo games were available exclusively on the PC for decades before Diablo 3 came and made the franchise more accessible.

It appears that Blizzard wants to take its time to make sure that Diablo's mobile debut is on par with its non-mobile counterparts.

Now, fans can enjoy playing a Diablo game on multiple platforms, even when on the move thanks to the release of Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch.

With Diablo Immortal, the Diablo franchise is going to take its evolution one step further by bringing the dungeon crawling experience to mobile phones. However, while the game was initially scheduled to release later this year, it appears that this won't be the case as it has now been delayed to 2022.

Closed Alpha testing feedback pushes back Diablo Immortal to 2022

A few more months of development should help Diablo Immortal release as a more complete game.

Blizzard has been working hard at making sure that Diablo Immortal will release this year. Unfortunately, after going through intensive closed Alpha testing, the studio decided that Diablo Immortal just wasn't ready yet.

In a new blog post, Blizzard effectively confirmed that community feedback is the reason why Diablo Immortal isn't releasing in 2021.

According to the said feedback, Diablo Immortal lacks endgame PvE content, controller support, and PvP content. These are all problems that Blizzard is looking to fix now that it's pushed back the release date of Diablo Immortal by at least six months, to the first half of 2022.

Here is a list of all the changes that Blizzard plans on implementing to Diablo Immortal once it's all said and done:

  • 8-player PvE raids for the Helliquary system
  • "More engaging and fruitful" bounties
  • Exclusive upgrade material rewards for challenge rifts
  • Overhauled PvP Battleground
  • More powerful item rewards on higher difficulties for players with high Paragon levels
  • Bonus XP gain for players who don't have as much time to grind and a new global cap in place of the weekly XP cap

Even if Diablo Immortal is not going to release in 2021, Diablo fans don't have to worry too much about not getting their Diablo fix for the year. Diablo 2: Resurrected is still on track for a September 23 release date.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is also working on Diablo 4, which should release sometime in 2022 or 2023, depending on how well development of the game goes.

Releasing a new and potentially controversial game as it dealt with its current issues would not have been a prudent move for Blizzard either.

They say when it rains, it pours, and things have definitely taken a turn for the worse for Blizzard lately.

The gaming giant is currently in the midst of facing what has to be its worst month ever. It all started with a California lawsuit that details how the company fostered a culture of sexual discrimination and harassment that eventually led to thousands of current and ex-Blizzard employees staging a walkout.

Naturally, the company's share value has dropped by a fair amount following the ordeal, with Blizzard president J. Allen Brack also stepping down.

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