Diablo 4's newest patch will arrive in a few hours

Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3 is Blizzard's latest attempt to fix some of the issues players have complained about and improve the game's experience for all.

Diablo IV patch 1.1.3 will fix over 40 different issues that disrupt the game's experience.

Diablo IV is already one of this year's biggest games but the developers aren't resting at all. They're working to improve the game and are now set to release a new patch that will fix some issues that players have complained about. Diablo 4 general manager, Rod Fergusson, earlier admitted they had failed to meet expectations with the game and, with this patch, they will get another chance to make things better.

Blizzard posted the patch's notes a few days ago ahead of its release this Tuesday. In the notes, the studio outlined the different issues the patch will address, including some 40 fixes and tweaks across the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

According to the notes, the patch will provide some gameplay updates. The first item on the agenda is the Crowd Control effects of Monster Abilities and Elite Affixes. The patch will make it so that players will have "less time being Crowd Controlled and receiving more recovery time after being Crowd Controlled, especially at higher World Tiers."

Also, once the patch rolls out, the Bloated Corpsefiend's charge attack and the death explosion from Fire Enchanted monsters will deal 14% and 20% less damage respectively. Diablo IV patch 1.1.3 will also address other issues spread across the gameplay and the user interface, among others.

Diablo IV Season 2 is slated to launch this October with many promising updates.

The patch will go live in a few hours and we can't wait to see what it means for the future of the game. For the sake of hardcore fans, we hope it improves player's experience and makes the game less buggy.

If you haven't heard yet, Diablo IV Season 2 will arrive on October 17. Blizzard dropped a cinematic trailer for the new season, titled Season of Blood, during the recent Gamescom convention in Germany.

The game has several promising updates, including specific boss farming for Unique and Uber Unique items and an improved inventory system as well as a more efficient searchability feature among others. It will also feature five monstrosities for players to defeat and many other updates. If the studio can deliver on the trailer, it will do a lot to restore fan confidence after the recent hiccups they've experienced while playing the game.

It remains to be seen if this is enough to "fix" Diablo 4 but the smart money is the game won't be in an "okay" state until much later

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  1. I heard some people got it but I have yet to get it, same with a few friends. Is this doing a regional roll-out or something?

  2. I am really REALLY trying to stick this one out but they are making it hard for me to hand around until season 2 man, for real.

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