Diablo 4 is literally unplayable on the PlayStation 5 at launch

In the absence of a patch, Diablo 4 players have found a loophole to get into the game but for a small price.

Blizzard Entertainment's quick resolution of the ongoing problems in Diablo 4 is proof that it's a changed studio - for the better.

So much for Blizzard Entertainment's confidence in a smooth launch for Diablo 4. The highly awaited early access release of the latest installment in the iconic ARPG franchise has gone mostly well for nearly everyone except for PS5 players. Just as a lot of PS5 players geared up to dive deep into the bowels of Hell, they found themselves stonewalled by a perplexing error message: "Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV (Code 315306)."

This infuriating interruption is akin to seeing a legendary loot of your dreams drop right in front of you only for the servers to crash right there and then.

Blizzard, not deaf to the uproar, quickly took to social media platforms to confirm the validity of the issue and later issue a hotfix. However, the console-specific trouble suggests that Blizzard's servers have held up well, in spite of the sheer number of players trying to get in on the action.

TLDR; this isn't Error 37 from Diablo 3's notorious launch all over again.

Diablo 4's problems at the moment may or may not be isolated to the PS5.

While Blizzard works on a solution, some enterprising players have discovered a temporary workaround: making a small-in-game purchase to get past the virtual bouncer.

Of course, paying a small premium isn't the ideal route, but it's at least something.

Blizzard doesn't appear to be the main problem here as well. It's believed that the issue lies with the PS5 as other players have reported encountering the same error code on the PS5 in other games.

The vast majority of fans have been enjoying Diablo 4 so far.

Regardless of what the truth is, there remains a modicum of irony in this situation. The history of Diablo launches all but confirmed that something like this would happen. Diablo 3's disastrous start looms over Blizzard, much like the shadow of the titular Prime Evil himself. You can't blame fans for believing that history is simply repeating itself. But, for the most part, Diablo 4's narrative hasn't treaded the same path.

The players who managed to get through, particularly on the PC and other platforms, seem to be having fun. The game, as per the reviews and user comments, appears to be a marked improvement from its predecessor and the older beta version. There's minimal lag on older hardware, fast loading times, and minimal server issues. Perhaps this is the silver lining in this tempestuous cloud. It's just a shame that the PlayStation community isn't sharing in this joy, left in the lurch, eagerly awaiting a fix for their gaming maladies.

The unflappable optimism surrounding Diablo IV shines brighter than ever, with many brushing off the entitled tantrums of others who threatened to refund their copies over relatively minor grievances.

There's a steadfast faith within the community in the longevity of Diablo 4 and an appreciation for how much work Blizzard put into it - even if some admit that it'll be hard to swallow the expected nerfs to their favorite builds.

This entire ordeal with Diablo 4 should serve as a real-world reminder of the rollercoaster journey of every game that ever comes out.

We'll have to wait and see if Diablo 4 will continue to have problems going forward.

At the end of the day, Diablo 4 is a legitimate GOTY contender that's a hell of a redemption story for Blizzard and one of gaming's most iconic franchises.

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