Season 2 of Diablo 4, Season of Blood, fails to impress at Gamescom 2023

Season of Blood arrives in late October, just in time for Halloween, but its announcement didn't make as much impact as most would've expected.

To be fair, Diablo 4's shortcomings aren't for the lack of effort.

As this year's Gamescom's Opening Night Live presentation rolled out, Blizzard Entertainment, in collaboration with the host, Geoff Keighley, unveiled a thrilling announcement for its oft-unforgiving fanbase: Diablo IV's next season update, Season of Blood.

The reveal, which might have been one of the "surprises" that the President of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ybarra, had in store for Diablo 4, drops on October 17.

As expected, while the news has stirred excitement in the Diablo community, it also raises questions about what's in this new season in terms of content, improvements, and novelty.

Drawing from the cinematic trailer and details provided by Blizzard, the Season of Blood will primarily center its theme around vampires, those daunting nocturnal creatures that have haunted folklore and legends for eons. Players will find themselves allying with a formidable vampire hunter named Erys, voiced by the talented Gemma Chan, in, by the way, what will be her first voice acting role in a video game .

As we accompany Erys in her mission to eliminate a malevolent vampire lord, we'll have the opportunity to unlock new vampiric powers and abilities to aid us in our quest.

However, one can't simply overlook the parallels between this season and its predecessor, Season of the Malignant. The two of them offer questlines with a signature character, a climactic boss battle, and specialized items to alter character builds. While these similarities aren't inherently negative, the question lingers: Is the Season of Blood merely a repackaged version of what we've already seen?

Diablo 4 still has a few more seasons to go to recover and become the game it was promised to be - Path of Exile 2 doesn't come out until early 2025.

This upcoming season promises several quality-of-life upgrades, including an improved inventory system where gems won't occupy space, searchability and filtering in stashes, and specific boss farming for Unique and Uber Unique items. Paragon Points, Skill Points, and other elements from the Eternal and Seasonal Realms will also carry over, alleviating the strain of restarting as a level 1 character each season. Changes are also on the horizon for elemental resistances and offensive stats, addressing concerns from endgame players about the limitations these stats impose on build diversity.

Yet, while these features sound appealing on paper, it's essential to temper our expectations. Without explicit details on how these changes will be implemented, it's hard to gauge their potential impact. Past experiences have taught players to approach such announcements with caution; the devil, as they say, is in the details. What sounds beneficial in a press release might not translate as seamlessly in gameplay. Furthermore, Blizzard could've introduced such changes to gem stashes or resistances, among others, in regular patches rather than being heralded as seasonal content.

Thus, this doubt surrounding the post-launch content of what was formerly a celebrated game after setting a new high as Blizzard's fastest-selling game at launch of all time continues.

Blizzard set a high bar for its bosses over the years so you can't blame audiences for expecting more.

It's worth noting that not all feedback has been skeptical. Many players have expressed satisfaction with their gameplay experience, finding value in the hours of entertainment Diablo 4 provides. The game, especially when played with your friends, offers an undeniable allure, despite its shortcomings. It's easily worth hundreds of hours of gameplay, which, by any measure, is a commendable return on investment.

Of course, this doesn't excuse Diablo 4 for falling short on promises - it's current state akin to an incomplete construction project as opposed to the skyscraper the community was sold on leading up to its launch.

Ultimately, the Season of Blood emerges against this backdrop of mixed opinions. Will it be the revamp players hope for, or will it be seen as another miss? Only time will tell. As we approach its October 17 release date, the community will undoubtedly watch closely, waiting to see if this new season can rejuvenate the dark lands of Sanctuary or if it will simply flow into the annals of Diablo history as another fleeting shadow.

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