Developers Tease Call of the Sea PlayStation Release

Console exclusive titles remain a thing even in 2021. However, in recent years, we've seen more and more exclusives eventually jump to other platforms, after some time has lapsed. Meanwhile, there've been cases where former exclusives have been released on other platforms as well. A good example of the former happening is Call of the Sea coming to PlayStation consoles.

Xbox-exclusive Call of the Sea could be coming to PlayStation consoles soon.

Is the Call of the Sea PlayStation Release Confirmed?

As of the moment, neither the developers nor Sony have confirmed that Call of the Sea will release on the PlayStation. However, it doesn't take an expert nor someone with a particularly keen eye to tell that it's bound to happen after the official Twitter page of the game shared a cropped image of what looks like the PlayStation logo captioned "nothing but greatness awaits."

Lest we forget, the slogan for the PlayStation 4 is "greatness awaits" with Sony using the phrase "play has no limits" for the PlayStation 5.

With that said, it is definitely possible that Call of the Sea will release on the PlayStation 4. An enhanced version for the PlayStation 5 might release as well. Although we won't bet it. There was no next-gen version released for the Xbox Series S/X.

Call of the Sea was released back in December 2020 and was met with favorable reviews. The game tells the tale of an emotional woman named Norah who bravely goes on a trip to the Southern Pacific to look for her husband. However, what she discovers instead is more of whom she really is as she's taken through a series of surprises and twists that will have you tethered to your controllers from start to finish.

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What makes Call of the Sea one of the more unique titles to release in recent years is that it doesn't feature any combat at all. Instead, it's a game where your progression lies in solving puzzles presented in front of you.

Should this really be true, Call of the Sea will be one of the first Xbox-exclusive titles to jump to the PlayStation. Previously, most video game news revolved on the opposite happening. In particular, the latest game in one of Sony's longtime first party series of titles, MLB The Show 21, will release on Xbox consoles at launch as part of the Xbox Game Pass library.

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