Developer drops biggest proof of Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster yet

Yasumi Matsuno is currently working on Unsung Story, a "spiritual successor" to the original Final Fantasy Tactics.

Many have tried to replicate the magic that made Final Fantasy Tactics so iconic but most if not all have failed to capture what made it so special.

It turns out, it's an even better year to be a Final Fantasy fan than expected. Just mere hours after rumors of a Final Fantasy 9 Remake came out along with the possibility that we'll see more of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth at the Summer Game Fest on June 8, one of the brains behind Final Fantasy Tactics ignited talks that a remaster of the classic game is coming.

Final Fantasy Tactics was originally released over two decades ago on the original PlayStation. It's since received multiple sequels and spin-offs but the original game remains the pinnacle of the series and is relatively unmatched in its genre. Its writer and director, Yasumi Matsuno, is already off working with a different studio on a spiritual successor but it appears Square Enix might have tapped him to either supervise or help out with the remaster Final Fantasy Tactics.

In an intriguing Twitter exchange, Matsuno responded to a fan query regarding a possible Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, saying:

If we remaster it, what do you think about whether it is better to weaken " The Thunder God Cid", who was accused of destroying the balance ?

And, just like that, the rumor floodgates have opened.

Final Fantasy Tactics was released at a time when video games were still widely seen as something that only children play.

Matsuno's playful question fanned the flames of speculation, making fans clamor for more Final Fantasy Tactics content a lot more than before. Although it's not a direct confirmation, it's enough of a tease for a lot of series fans to take notice.

On the gameplay side of things, nerfing the said character divided fans. Some welcomed the idea, suggesting it wouldn't hurt to change gameplay strategies, but others were adamantly opposed, emphasizing the importance of Cid's strength to the narrative.

While fans have asked for either a new Final Fantasy Tactics entry or a remaster of the original game, the rumors that had weight started two years ago due to the now infamous Nvidia GeForce Now Leak.

Several years later, Square Enix's games that were included in the leak have either been announced or released, including Tactics Ogre: Reborn, another classic tactics JRPG title by Square Enix.

If a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics is ever revealed, then it'll mark the best time to be a fan of the series.

While Matsuno no longer works at Square Enix and has started his own company, his recent contract work on projects like FFXIV's Ivalice Raid and the Shadowbrings Relic Weapon hints that the potential for external collaboration is possible.

Unfortunately, until we get an official announcement, fans are left to speculate, hoping that, once again, a remastered trip back to Ivalice is on the horizon.

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