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Destiny community welcomes Soulja Boy with open arms during Twitch stream

The Destiny community banded together to give the rapper, Soulja Boy, a huge welcoming party during his Twitch stream while playing Bungie's popular live-service shooter.

As far as welcome parties go, the Destiny community gave Soulja Boy the warmest of them all.
As far as welcome parties go, the Destiny community gave Soulja Boy the warmest of them all.

Destiny 2 isn't the most accessible game for beginners. Bungie's multiplayer, first-person shooter is heavy in lore and tends to bombard first-time players with a ton of information. Not to mention, at this point, Destiny 2 is already multiple expansions deep with more coming. Thus, you can't exactly blame players for giving up on Destiny 2 before things start getting better.

Lucky for American rapper Soulja Boy, he didn't need to have a go at Destiny 2 alone.

In fact, Soulja Boy didn't just have one or two people helping him out on his first try of Destiny 2. The entire Destiny community was there behind him every step of the way.

Destiny shows the power of an in-game community

It will be interesting to see if Soulja's newfound love for Destiny 2 will stay.
It will be interesting to see if Soulja's newfound love for Destiny 2 will stay.

In a recent Twitch stream, Soulja Boy found himself on the receiving end of what has to be one of the warmest video game welcomes in recent history.

Now, Soulja Boy isn't exactly a new gamer. The rapper has spent dozens if not hundreds of hours streaming gaming content on Twitch. He's not just a gamer too, having built his own console - the "Soulja Game Console" - before having to cancel it due to legal issues. But, as proficient as Soulja Boy is at gaming, he hadn't tried out Destiny before. When he did though, an entire community was behind him every step of the way.

It didn't take longer than a few minutes after Soulja Boy logged in to receive help from longtime players of Destiny 2.

What's perhaps the most surprising part here is that Bungie added the "Crank That" dance to Destiny 2 years ago. The said move is the rapper's signature dance. When questioned, Soulja explains that whenever someone would mention Destiny to him, he would also think of Warframe instead of Bungie's game.

You can't exactly blame Soulja for making this common mistake. Both Warframe and Destiny 2 do have a fair share of similarities.

Now that Soulja Boy has had time to play Destiny 2, he's now referring to it as the "best game of all time". But, it's still too early if this is all just an exaggeration and him getting caught up in the moment. Soulja Boy is still only a couple of hours into Destiny 2, so it remains to be seen if the rapper will give Destiny 2's numerous expansions and content a chance.

After the cancelation of his first console, Soulja Boy is working on another one. This time around, he plans on including games on the console. One of the first inclusions he wanted was Epic Games' Fornite before that effort was shut down. Bungie probably wouldn't agree to it either, but who knows? If Soulja Boy ends up being an amazing ambassador for Destiny 2, Bungie might be inclined to change its mind and let the rapper add Destiny 2 to his next game console.

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