Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted - All Calus Bobblehead locations (#1 Fan Triumph Guide)

If you're finding it difficult to locate Emperor Calus' bobbleheads, look no further.

Calus bobbleheads are a collectible type added with the Season of the Haunted. The majestic Leviathan has made its triumphant return to Destiny 2, and you can explore the ship to find these bobbleheads. The bobbleheads resemble none other than the ship Emperor Calus himself.

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There is a new area called Derelict Leviathan, consumed by darkness and free to explore. The massive ship has plenty of hidden secrets, among which are the bobbleheads. With the massive structure to navigate, it is easy to miss out on a few hidden spots. Collecting all the bobbleheads unlocks a secret triumph called #1 Fan.

In this guide, we've covered the locations of all the Calus bobbleheads found on the Leviathan. Note that the bobbleheads are added weekly as we progress through the season. We've categorized them weekly. The article will be updated as more bobbleheads are discovered.

Note that in order to partake in the main quest, Bound in Sorrows, you must have purchased the season pass. Or else, you won't be able to initiate the quest and collect the bobbleheads.

All the locations in Week 1 are in the Castellum. We are using the spawn area of the Castellum as the reference point.

Castellum Fast Travel
Fast travel to the Castellum Landing Zone, and follow the guide below.

If you're not able to fast travel to the Castellum, be sure to visit the Crown of Sorrows at the H.E.L.M. after the completion of the introductory quest called Operation: MIDAS. This is a confusing bit that a lot of new players might face.

Crown Of Sorrows Wings Of The Haunted
The Crown of Sorrows Hive Artifact is in the Wing of the Haunted inside the H.E.L.M.

Week 1

Bobblehead #1 - Castellum

The first bobblehead is quite tricky to get to and might take several tries. It's because it is based around the nightmare containment public event. You'll need to complete tier III nightmare containment in order to access the room containing the bobblehead.

Castellum Head
You can also join other players as they fight to complete tier III nightmare containment.

It may take a couple of tries because the locked doors around the Castellum are opened in a random order every time you complete a tier III nightmare containment. Since there is no guarantee for our desired door to be opened after each containment, we will need to get lucky. However, it shouldn't take too many tries since there aren't a lot of locked doors.

Containment Option
If you wish to play with other players. Make sure to select the 'Containment' option to ensure you join other players doing the same mission.

Once you've completed nightmare containment tier III, you need to go back to the entrance of Castellum (the spawn area once you fast travel to Castellum) and take a left.

Castellum Head
The big doorway to the left is the area you come out of once you fast travel to Castellum.

There should be a massive closed door to your left with a box outside of it.

Castellum Head
The locked door leading to the room with the bobblehead.
Castellum Head
You will get a prompt to 'Activate' the box, opening up the door ahead of you.

You will find a loot chest and a bobblehead inside this room. The bobblehead is to your right on the ground.

Castellum Head
The bobblehead on the ground inside the room.

Bobblehead #2 - Royal Pools

The second bobblehead is in the Royal Pools area. You can get to Royal Pools via the doorway located to the left of the Castellum. As you spawn inside Castellum, go to the middle of the area.

From the middle, look to your left, and you should see a doorway that leads to the Royal Pools.

Royal Pools
Arrow points towards the entrance of Royal Pools.

Keep following the path until you get to the area.

Royal Pools
Doorway to the Royal Pools.

When you enter the Royal Pools area, stick to your right until you can enter through a doorway to your right.

Royal Pools
Go right when you reach the main Royal Pools hub.
Royal Pools
Entrance to the room on your right.
Royal Pools
There would be enemies around this area as well. You can either ignore them or fight them.

Go inside and turn left. You will see a set of stairs. Go up the elevated surface and to the far-right corner of this room.

Royal Pools
You will find a hole in the ground.

Go through the hole and just follow the path until you get to an open room.

Royal Pools
Note that there are some powerful enemies here.
Royal Pools
Continuing pathway.

From the open room, continue to move forward into another path. You will eventually reach a dead-end.

Royal Pools
Open area.
Royal Pools
Second continuing pathway.

From here, look at the ground to your left in the corner. You will find your second bobblehead.

Royal Pools
It's in the corner and pitch dark. It might be a bit tricky to spot at first.

Bobblehead #3 - Pleasure Gardens

The bobblehead at Pleasure Gardens is probably the easiest to get to. First, you need to get to the Pleasure Gardens. First, from the spawn point of Castellum, make your way to the middle area.

Pleasure Gardens
Continue to descend the stairs ahead of you and keep turning right.
Pleasure Gardens
Continuing downwards.

You will find a doorway that will continue to take you deeper underground. Keep going until you reach the Pleasure Gardens.

Pleasure Gardens
Doorway leading to the Pleasure Gardens.
Pleasure Gardens
Once you reach the area, you will find a golden statue straight ahead.

Climb up and check behind the statue to get your third bobblehead.

Pleasure Gardens
Bobblehead behind the golden statue.

Bobblehead #4 - Sever (Shame) Mission

This bobblehead is also relatively easier to get. But, you will need to progress further into the seasonal quest - Bound in Sorrow. Once you've progressed enough, you will eventually get a quest called Sever - Shame.

Sever Shame
The quest will be displayed on the Moon map.

This is the mission where you have to escape a lockdown by activating four overrides. During this mission, one of the overrides is behind a shielded wall that is deactivated using a heavy object.

Sever Shame
Pick up the heavy object and use it on the indicated icon to redirect power.

Continue moving forward until you come across an area with a lot of pipes on the wall and edges.

Sever Shame
In this area, there is a platform which you can climb up using the tubes attached to the wall to your right. Red arrow indicates the platform with the bobblehead.

Get on the platform, and you will find the bobblehead resting on a stack of two crates.

Sever Shame
Bobblehead on top of the platform.

Week 2

Bobblehead #5 - Sever (Reconciliation) Mission

The fifth bobblehead was added on week 2 of the Season of the Haunted. By now, you must have already completed until Sever - Shame. Once you've completed up until that, you will see the next mission on your Moon map. In this mission, you're asked to visit the underbelly of the Leviathan ship.

Sever Reconciliation
It'll be beside the Leviathan ship on the Moon map as shown.
Sever Reconciliation
The second Sever mission is called Reconciliation.

Start the mission and progress until you've gone through the map and come out of the other side of the pipe.

Sever Reconciliation
The circled pipe is the one you come out of, and the arrow is pointing towards the pipe with the bobblehead.
Sever Reconciliation
Go to the end of the above-shown hallway, and you will find an open pipe at the end to your right.

Enter the pipe, and as soon as you reach the T-section, you will find the bobblehead to your left.

Sever Reconciliation
The bobblehead is resting next to a fan.

Display Bobbleheads

Once you've collected the bobbleheads, you can actually display them in the new Wing of the Haunted section of your H.E.L.M. This Wing is located to the left of the Crown of Sorrows.

Wing Of The Haunted Section
Wing of the Haunted section of the H.E.L.M. as seen on the map.

In this area, you will find a number of spots with a couple of papers on them. These spots represent the location where you can place your collected bobbleheads.

Bobblehead Placement Spot
You need to purchase the season pass to collect and place, of course.

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