Destiny 2 Season 14 Release Date

Destiny 2 has always given new content to their players every season. The battlegrounds mode in Season 13 has been the highlight of the season, and, as for the expansions, Beyond Light gave us an insight into the secrets of Europa.


Many people are now wondering what is in store for Destiny 2's Season 14 and below we have everything you need to know.

Destiny 2 Season 14 Release Date

The official trailer of Season of the Chosen.

While there is no official announcement on the official release date of Season 14 of Destiny 2, many people speculate that it will be released after the battle pass and Season 13 ends. The battle pass ends on May 11 so we can speculate that Destiny 2's Season 14 release date would be on May 12. However, there is no official release date and this date can be delayed for a day or two.

Vault of Glass

Vault of Glass is a raid type of mission in Destiny.

The Vault of Glass is a raid-type mission and Bungie has announced that it will make its return in Destiny 2 this coming Season 14. Bungie says that the Vault of Glass will be updated and modernized to accommodate Destiny 2. We can also expect the old weapons to return in the Vault of Glass.

Transmog and Crossplay

Transmogrification allows you to change the appearance of your armor without sacrificing its stats.

Aside from the return of the beloved Vault of Glass from Destiny, players are excited about two new features - Transmog and Crossplay. The developers of Destiny 2 have claimed that Transmog (or transmogrification) is a feature that can change the appearance of your armor for cosmetic purposes. The developers also claim that we can expect this feature on Season 14.

Cross-play has also been announced as coming to Destiny 2 this year, but we expect it to arrive in Season 15.

Witch Queen Expansion Pack Release Date

Witch Queen
The Witch Queen is the new expansion pack after Beyond Light.

As for new expansions, there is another expansion pack coming after Beyond Light. The With Queen Expansion pack ws supposed to come out this year, however Bungie has confirmed that it will be delayed until 2022. Bungie also announced that there will be another expansion pack after Lightfall, making it the 4th expansion for Destiny 2.

Beyond Light Reveal
The official reveal trailer of Beyond Light.

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