Destiny 2 will be getting a mobile spin-off according to a Bungie patent filing

Bungie has filed six new patents earlier this year related to a touch screen or virtual controller.

Destiny 2 is one of the most successful live service games currently available and even led Sony to acquire the game developer, Bungie. Now, it appears that Bungie wants to take its successful shooter from desktops and consoles to the mobile platform.

Destiny 2 is rumored to have a mobile game spin-off.
Destiny 2 is rumored to have a mobile game spin-off.

Earlier this year, Bungie filed six patent applications that have now been published online. All six patents are related to virtual controllers, or controllers that can be used with touch screen devices.

The patent applications have stirred up the rumors that Bungie is working with Chinese video game maker NetEase on a new mobile game. The game was rumored to be already two years in development but so far has not been announced. There are also reports that Bungie is working on a competitive third-person shooter after Destiny 2.

Virtual controller patent application

The recent patent applications filed by Bungie are related to a virtual or touch screen controller.
The recent patent applications filed by Bungie are related to a virtual or touch screen controller.

Of the six patent applications, one is unique as it specifically mentions Destiny 2 in the filing. The patent is related to a virtual controller technology. Another patent application has been filed for a "Virtual Charging Button".

This suggests that the game that Bungie will use this patent with may have an auto sprint function with a virtual thumbstick, similar to the implementation of PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile.

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Other patents are related to auto-aiming, swipe and drag, and an action button feature. The swipe and drag feature can be used for inventory management in a looter shooter game. The action button would suggest that players can interact with objects in the game.

Related to the patents, Bungie has also had some recent job postings related to mobile game development. One job posting is for a Senior Mobile Platforms Engineer for iOS and Android. The posting states that the listing is for a developer that would be working on an internal game engine to support mobile games.

There was also a previous job posting for an Art Director, Executive producer, and Senior Test Manager. All these job postings required that the applicant should have experience in mobile game development. The posting for Art Director is particularly interesting as it also mentions that candidates will be traveling to China and Chinese language skills will be a plus. This would corroborate rumors of Bungie and NetEase collaboration.

What’s next for Destiny 2?

Destiny Lightfall is coming on February 2023.
Destiny Lightfall is coming on February 2023.

While we wait for news on the rumored mobile game, Bungie is hard at work with Destiny 2. The next expansion, Lightfall, is the second to the last expansion to close out the Light and Dark Saga. It's set to come out in February.

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