Demon's Souls PS4 Version Found in PlayStation Database

There aren't that many PS5 exclusives at the moment. However, of the few titles that are exclusive to Sony's next-gen console, Demon's Souls arguably stands out as the best of them.

Sony doesn't need to release Demon's Souls on the PS4, but a man can certainly dream.

However, as good as Demon's Souls is, fans are still disappointed that Demon's Souls isn't available on the PlayStation 4. After all, while it's a beautiful game that takes advantage of the PS5's added power, most wouldn't mind running it with toned-down graphics so long as it's made available on the base PS4.

Now, there's new evidence showing that 2020's Demon's Souls remake might get a PS4 port.

Is a Demon's Souls PS4 Version Coming?

While it isn't much to go on, a PS4 version of Demon's Souls was found on the PlayStation Database.

Sony has reiterated numerous times that it will continue supporting the PlayStation 4 well into 2022. In fact, in recent weeks, Sony has backtracked on some of its titles that were supposedly next-gen exclusive.

The most notable examples are Gran Turismo 7 and the next God of War game, both of which are expected to release in 2022 for the PS4 and the PS5.

We've also learned that the PS5-exclusive title, Godfall, has been backported to the PS4, making it a first for Sony. Although we don't expect Sony to start backporting every PS5-exclusive anytime soon, it stands to reason that Sony might consider it doing to other games.

If that's the case, then why not Demon's Souls?

As you can see from the Twitter post above, someone has just found out that a PS4 version of Demon's Souls does actually exist. It's not necessarily a complete build, by any means. However, the fact that it is available does increase the likelihood that a PS4 version of the Demon's Souls remake could release soon. Then again, just because it is in the database, it doesn't mean that it's coming either.

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One good reason why a PS4 build of Demon's Souls exists is simply for playtesting purposes. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the video game industry to date. Last year, some members of the development team could have had no choice but to playtest Demon's Souls using a PS4.

If that's the case, then there are very few chances that we'll see Demon's Souls backported to the PS4.

Of course, this hasn't stopped fans from speculating, if not downright hoping, that the existence of the PS4 port of Demon's Souls in the PlayStation Database means that the PS4 version is coming.

At the moment, the likelihood of Demon's Souls going the cross-gen route is low. The game was a commercial and critical success, so it doesn't have to do what Godfall did. On a related note, FromSoftware hasn't released a next-gen version of Bloodborne yet either. It stands to reason that FromSoftware, Bluepoint Games, and Sony has no incentive to backport Demon's Souls to the PS4.

Then again, who knows? It's not like Demon's Souls uses the PS5 like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart does.

Hopefully, we'll find out more about the rumored Demon's Souls PS4 version soon enough.

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