Demented Echos Locations & "Restful Spirit" Challenge Guide For Outbreak Mode (Cold War Zombies)


Location #1

The first zombie is found inside of a train cart at the Train Loading area.

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Location #2

The second location is the Church located in the southern part of the Golova region.

Go inside the church and go at the back of the church via the open entrance from either left or right side of the podium section. There will be another narrow path where the demented echo zombie will be.

Location #3

The third zombie can be found inside a garage located in the Industrial Park area.

Location #4

The fourth zombie can be found in a sewer tunnel by the Water Runoff.

Location #5

The fifth location is a green-colored house in the Upper Houses district. You will find the zombie inside the room of this house.

We couldn't get the zombie to spawn, but it will be at the shown location.

Location #6

The final location where the demented echo zombie will spawn is in the Pack-A-Punch building located in the Upper Town area of the Golova region.

Go to the second floor and turn left. The zombie will be hovering in the corner by the plant as marked below.


Location #1

The first location is one of the middle Vacation Homes located near the eastern border of the Sanatorium region.

Go to the master bedroom on the first floor to find the demented echo soul.

Location #2

The second demented echo can be found on Boulder Island near the northern border of the region by the bridge.

Location #3

The third location is the Bathhouse near the southern border. It also contains a workbench.

You can find the demented soul on the right side of the main bathhouse room.

Location #4

The fourth soul can be found inside one of the cottages located at the western edge of the region.

The demented echo soul is on the second floor just outside the bedroom door. You can see it halfway on your way upstairs.

Location #5

The fifth soul is found inside the Sanatorium building.

Go to the first floor of the Sanatorium and from the main hall and take a left (circled in red).

Go through the double doors, and you will find the soul at the end of the long room.

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