Deleted scenes from Spider-Man: No Way Home might have just leaked

As long and jam-packed No Way Home already was, it appears that several scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the biggest spectacles in cinematic history. The last time that audiences got a chance to witness something so memorable and amazing was back in 2019 when Avengers: Endgame was released. However, as much as nearly everyone has already watched No Way Home and loved it, it appears that so many scenes that could have potentially changed the film, including an alternate ending, were left on the cutting room floor.

Deleted Scenes Spider Man No Way Home Leaked
As interesting as these leaks are, it's best to take them with a grain of salt.

Before we proceed to discuss this potentially accurate information though, we'd like to remind you to stop reading further if you have not watched No Way Home yet.

How No Way Home originally ended

Deleted Scenes Spider Man No Way Home Leaked
The way that Marvel Studios did No Way Home's ending is just perfect.

After the Spider-Man trio helps Tom Holland's variant send the classic Spidey villains from across the universe back to their respective universes, the MCU's Peter Parker asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget about Peter Parker. This means that while Spider-Man will still exist in the MCU, Peter Parker won't.

What this effectively does is wipe the slate clean for the MCU's Peter Parker and gives the MCU's version of the web-slinging superhero a tragic and traumatizing event that he previously lacked. Sure, Peter Parker lost his mentor in Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man in Endgame. However, No Way Home saw Peter Parker lose his Aunt May, as well as his entire support system, including his girlfriend and best friend.

This ending also gives Marvel Studios a chance to fix one of the biggest criticisms of the MCU's Spider-Man - he get too powerful, too quickly.

The MCU's Spider-Man went from a teenager who just got his powers to someone who just helped save the entire universe in just a few years. This relative lack of personal development is far from what most comic book fans expect from the fan-favorite character. But, in making everyone forget about Peter Parker going forward, the MCU now gives audiences a "regular" Spider-Man to root for in future films.

What is the alternate ending to No Way Home?

Deleted Scenes Spider Man No Way Home Leaked
If we're being honest, the alternate ending probably won't hit as hard emotionally.

No Way Home's ending was masterfully done and the MCU deserves kudos for pulling something like this off.

What is interesting here is that things could have gone a lot differently.

According to a recent 4chan post, an alternate ending saw Strange perform a different spell. Even though the former Sorcerer Supreme still sent all the multiverse villains and the other Spider-Man variants back to their respective universes, he does not make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. He would've continued living his life as a popular high school student before breaking up with MJ and staying away from Ned to protect him from harm.

Of course, it's worth noting that the source is not confirmed, so it might not be true. But, if we're being honest, even if it is, we're glad that Marvel Studios went with the "original" ending.

As we've already mentioned, the MCU's Peter Parker lacked that relatable set of problems that made him so popular among audiences. He's still adopted and he's still a high school kid, but he's not worried about any bills at all. It appears that Aunt May had a steady job, didn't need help, and was pretty much left to be a normal high school kid. Not to mention, he got help from Tony almost immediately after discovering his powers, got a souped-up Iron Spider suit courtesy of Stark, and was pretty much handed the superhero gig on a silver platter.

Further deleted scenes mentioned in the No Way Home leak

Deleted Scenes Spider Man No Way Home Leaked
What are the chances that Marvel will release these deleted scenes as bonus material?

Another interesting part about the No Way Home leak is that there are several scenes didn't make the film. We know that some of these are true because they were leaked earlier. For example, the scene that the leak describes Harry Holland (Tom's brother) playing a robber that's captured by Spider-Man is true. There's also the scene that was in the trailers (but not in the movie) where Wong warns Strange not to cast "that spell."

Lexi Rabe's Morgan Stark was also meant to appear in No Way Home. We know this because the actress confirmed it. Unfortunately, we don't know what the cut scene was. But, if the leak is correct, it would've featured Tony's daughter voice her support for Spider-Man.

Here's to hoping that we'll get a chance to see some of the deleted scenes in the future. Even if the alternate ending isn't released, we'd love to see the cut clips once No Way Home releases on DVD and Blu-ray as well as Disney+.

In other Spider-Man news, No Way Home just made history as Sony's highest-grossing movie ever. This comes just a few days after No Way Home set a pandemic-era box office record. Finally, there are reports that Sony is thinking about bringing back Andrew Garfield for a third TASM movie after his performance in No Way Home.

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