Debunking the outrageous Grand Theft Auto 6 pricing leak

The latest rumor about Grand Theft Auto 6 is sparking plenty of debate about the rising costs of AAA games, even when it's likely to be false.

$150 for the base GTA 6 isn't cheap but for a premium edition with Early Access? We can see it happening.

Once again, with Starfield no longer dominating the headlines following its launch, the rumor mill is back to its normal self - spewing out information, regardless of authenticity, about Grand Theft Auto 6.

The next GTA entry, potentially the most anticipated game of the past decade, is stirring a tornado of online discussions, largely due to a recent rumor suggesting a whopping $150 price tag for the base game. For the faithful players waiting patiently for its release, having had their appetites whetted for over a decade since the iconic Grand Theft Auto 5 came into their lives, this is a pill tough to swallow.

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn't just another game. It's a landmark that transformed the landscape of entertainment, arguably the most successful entertainment product ever, with sales now totaling well over 185 million units. Given this grandeur, it's no stretch to predict that GTA 6 will rival if not surpass its predecessor's achievements. But with that legacy comes the weight of immense expectations. Rockstar has been working diligently behind the scenes, ensuring this new iteration not only meets but exceeds these hopes.

It certainly doesn't help that Take-Two Interactive keeps on drumming up hype, saying that the upcoming game will set a new "creative benchmark" and explaining earlier this year why it's taking Rockstar so long to push it out

It's safe to say that GTA 6 doesn't need to be more hyped nor talked about, but alas, the rumors, as they always do with video games, will run amok like Trevor when it wants to.

Originating from a line in a Niche Gamer report, which provided neither source or further context, the internet enjoyed a new topic of debate when it said that the next GTA game will be sold for a whopping $150.

At the end of the day, people will buy GTA 6, regardless of how much it's sold for by Rockstar Games.

It's essential to understand that the gaming world has evolved, with AAA titles now regularly starting at $69.99, up from the previous norm of $59.99. Rockstar and Take-Two, in the past, have shown a willingness to tap into premium pricing models, evident in their recent release of Red Dead Redemption, which it justified and ended up selling relatively well. Red Dead Redemption 2, when it first came out, came with three editions as well, with the base game priced at $59.99 and the Ultimate Edition, which came with a physical world map and steelbook, costing $99.99.

If we couple this with the trend where developers offer early access to games by upgrading to premium versions, selling GTA 6 for $150 begins to look less outrageous and more like a plausible albeit ambitious marketing strategy.

Don't forget, Starfield with its watch and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 with its viral 19-inch Venom figurine are each sold for a relatively high price of $299.99 and $229, respectively, and people are loving them.

Given the precedent set by GTA 5, GTA 6 is going to fetch a lot more money through the years than its predecessor.

Still, the gaming community is split by the lack of clarity and the possible pricing. Most aren't eager to pay such a price for a game. The current price range for AAA games stands around $70-75. In this context, a $150 standard edition game could be seen as detrimental to sales, especially given that a significant portion of the consumer base might not find such a premium justifiable.

The GTA franchise, with its rich history and enormous fan base, will surely have many takers even if it the base edition is sold for more than $70, much more so if these come with unique physical items or early access to the game. However, unless further details emerge, the rumored $150 price remains speculative.

Rumors about GTA 6, whether regarding its features, release date, or price, are likely to continue flooding in. The most recent speculation even hints at an official showcase of Grand Theft Auto 6 in October. Yet, amidst all these rumors, one thing is clear - the information isn't confirmed until Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive says so.

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