Deathloop: release date, trailer, plot, gameplay, exclusivity, and more

Deathloop is the latest game from Arkane, the same studio behind the Dishonored titles.

Arkane Studios' Deathloop will add to the PS5's lineup of exclusive titles, if only for a short while. The action-adventure game was scheduled to release in August 2020 but has since been delayed multiple times. However, despite being pushed back for over a year, fans are still excited to get their hands on Deathloop.

It doesn't matter if it's fair or not. Audiences will compare Deathloop with Arkane Studios' other titles such as Dishonored.

We've already had a chance to see Deathloop by way of gameplay and story trailers, and we dare say that it has the potential to be a GOTY contender.

If you're interested to learn more about Deathloop, you're not alone. Scroll down below if you'd like to know everything that there is to know about Deathloop.

What is Deathloop?

Just like Arkane's other titles, Deathloop won't be your typical shooter.

Deathloop takes place on a mysterious island called Blackreef that's forever stuck in a timeloop. As the assassin Colt, players need to find a way to eliminate eight key targets scattered all over the island, in order to end the loop. All the while, you will have to deal with the island's inhospitable denizens and a rival assassin called Juliana, who will stop at nothing to make sure that the time loop never ends.

As if this wasn't difficult enough, Deathloop adds another layer to the challenge - Colt only has 24 hours to kill all eight targets. If he falls short, he'll have to start all over again. Meanwhile, his enemies will have already learned a thing or two about how Colt likes to take out his targets.

Is there a Deathloop trailer available?

Yes. There is. In fact, there are multiple Deathloop trailers available. However, our favorite has to be the one where the studio takes the time to explain what Deathloop is all about.

When is the Deathloop release date?

At this point, Deathloop has been delayed three times.

Deathloop is one of the timed exclusives set to hit the PlayStation 5 (and the PC).

Arkane Studios first announced the game back in E3 2019 and gave it a holiday 2020 release window. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Arkane Studios announced that the game was going to be released in Q2 2021 instead. After this, the developer confirmed that Deathloop would finally release on May 21, 2021. Unfortunately, just a month before its intended release date, Arkane again pushed back the game's release to September 2021.

If it's any consolation, Deathloop is part of a long list of games that have been delayed this year.

What is the gameplay of Deathloop like?

Deathloop takes cues from the Soulsborne games when it comes to its multiplayer implementation.

Because Deathloop is very much an Arkane game, we can expect the studio to work its usual FPS magic. What we mean by this is that it isn't going to be your typical shooter experience where you can just go in blindly. True enough though, Deathloop gives Colt a wide range of weapons and abilities that they can utilize in the pursuit of their targets throughout Blackreef.

So, while you can't just expect to see results without planning, Deathloop very much lets you go in guns blazing if that's more up your alley.

What's unique about Deathloop is that everything goes back to the way that it was after 24 hours. Of course, you'll be armed with new knowledge (and abilities) on your subsequent loops, but so will your enemies. This means that the more you fail and learn from your experiences, the more difficult your opponents will become as well.

Judging from the looks of it, it appears that Deathloop is a mishmash of multiple genres.

Speaking of genres, Deathloop isn't entirely a single-player game either. It also has a multiplayer mode where players can jump into your game and take on the role of Julianna. So, instead of an AI assassin hunting you down, it will be another player who will do the tracking. Of course, the other way around is true as well. You can join other games and play the role of foiler to other player's plans by taking them out while they complete their assassinations.

Which platforms will Deathloop be available on?

Deathloop will be a timed exclusive on the PS5.

Deathloop will be a console-exclusive on the PlayStation 5 at launch, although it will also be available on the PC.

As unfortunate as this may seem, there are some good news. For starters, it's not forever. Deathloop will be available on the Xbox Series S/X after a year. At the same time, Deathloop will take full advantage of the PS5's DualSense controller. The game will reportedly make every weapon feel unique to fire, shoot, and reload. Some low-tier weapons will even jam midway through firing, a sensation that you'll also feel on your DualSense controller.

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