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Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox

Arkane Lyon’s innovative first-person shooter game, which was released exclusively for PS5 last year, is finally coming to Xbox.

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Microsoft has revealed that Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox on September 20. We published a report on this possibility last year. The company made the announcement at the recent Xbox Tokyo Game Show stream and revealed that the title will be released for Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass.

During the event, Microsoft also announced that multiple upgrades, including Golden Loop, will accompany the game’s release on Xbox-related platforms. This upgrade will introduce a new weapon, cross-platform matchmaking for PvP, several new enemies, and an extended ending to the game. Given that the game’s abrupt ending is one of the few criticisms it has, fans will be glad for the extended ending that comes with the Golden Loop update.

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Arkane Lyon, the studio that is also behind Dishonored and Prey, developed the first-person shooter game, which Bethesda Softworks released exclusively on PlayStation 5 last year. The publisher also released the game for PC users.

Deathloop Is Finally Coming To Xbox
An equally successful outing on the Xbox could all but guarantee a sequel for Deathloop.

Deathloop Is Finally Coming To Xbox

Deathloop was well received by fans and critics alike. The PS5 exclusive received multiple awards nominations. It ended up winning Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction at The Game Awards 2021 and Game of the Year at Edge Awards.

Microsoft acquired Bethesda Softworks last year. While the company chose to honor the publisher’s pre-existing deal with Sony to publish Deathloop exclusively for PS5, Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has implied that Bethesda will publish future games exclusively for Microsoft’s platforms. Nevertheless, even though the game’s PS5 exclusivity is over, it will be available on PlayStation Plus Extra from September 20.

Deathloop is currently available for pre-order for Xbox users. It's already available to pre-install if you have an active Game Pass subscription ahead of your September 20 release.

In other news, Deathloop might be getting a sequel.

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