Deathloop Code Easter Egg - Old Habits Die Hard Trophy Guide

It has only been a day since the release of Bethesda’s latest title – Deathloop, and we already have our first easter egg discovered right at the start of the game. If you’re a fan of video games revolving around keypads, num pads, locks, and easter eggs, then you will be familiar with a particular code used in this easter egg.

Before we get into the significance of this “code,” let’s talk about the easter egg found in Deathloop first. As you walk towards your objective in the game, you will see a message appear in front of you that reads “You Know The Code.” This text is showed in reference to the keypad that you will come across immediately afterwards. This keypad can be opened using a code but not the easter egg code.

"You Know The Code" as seen in Deathloop

You will eventually get the code to open the keypad, but before the game gives you the correct code, you can try one that is known by pretty much all the Easter egg hunters. If you guessed 0451, then you’re absolutely right!

Keypad as seen in Deathloop

While this code won’t open the door, it will unlock a secret trophy called “Old Habits Die Hard.” Cole, the protagonist, also says a special dialogue based on this.

"Old Habits Die Hard" trophy acquired after entering the 0451 code.

Why are the numbers 0451 so important in the easter egg world? It is an important number due to the repeated occurrence of this exact code in a plethora of games over the past many years. The exact easter egg scenario was first seen in a 1994 game – System Shock. The players used code 415 to unlock the first locked door in the first level, similar to the scenario players are placed in Deathloop. Except, it doesn’t unlock the door.

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The code 0415 has been seen in various games, including System Shock 2, Deus Ex series, Bioshock series, Alien: Isolation, Dishonored series, Prey, Mafia III, and many more!

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