Deathloop adds Goldenloop update and cross platform PVP

The Goldenloop update comes together with the release of Deathloop for the Xbox Series X/S.

Deathloop is a quirky first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios that launched last year as an exclusive for the PlayStation 5. It received glowing reviews from critics and a GOTY nomination, plus several awards for game design.

Deathloop is now available for the Xbox Series X/S.

Fast forward to a year later and Deathloop is celebrating its first-year anniversary by coming to the Xbox Series S/X as well as the Xbox Game Pass. To commemorate this occasion, the developers released a new update, Goldenloop, that brings new weapons, enemies, as well as an extended ending and a cross-platform PvP mode.

The Goldenloop update

The new energy rifle can shoot laser beams that bounce off security cameras.

The Goldenloop is a major update for Deathloop that brings new content to the game as it releases on Xbox.

One of the biggest updates introduces the ability for players to play PvP mode with crossplay matchmaking. In PvP, players use Juliana to invade the games of other players. Successfully killing the player will force them to restart their playthrough.

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Goldenloop also adds a new ability called Fugue which slows and confuses enemies. Players can upgrade the ability to make targets hostile towards allies, place it as a mine, and spread the Fugue effect upon the target’s death.

The update adds the HALPS prototype energy rifle which fires a continuous laser beam. The energy rifle also can bounce the laser projectile when shooting at turrets or security cameras.

Goldenloop will also feature an upgrade to Julianna’s masquerade ability. This lets Julianna impersonate three people, heal herself while the ability is active and convert damage to energy. If an NPC targeted by masquerade dies or spots Colt, the ability automatically tags Colt.

A new enemy called the Paint-Bomber will also come with the update. This enemy carries a bandolier filled with explosives and will detonate it once it gets near you.

Julianna gains an upgrade to her masquerade ability in Goldenloop.

With 19 new trickets added to Deathloop, including 2-in-1 trinkets, the Goldenloop update is a huge game-changer.

Of course, the main highlight is the extended ending. Many fans expressed their displeasure with the abrupt ending of the original game. The new ending is Arkane's attempt to address that problem. We recommend giving Deathloop another run if you want to find out more about this new conclusion to the game.

Deathloop is currently available to play as part of the Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.

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