Death Stranding 2 is still going to be a PlayStation exclusive

Death Stranding is still reportedly part of Hideo Kojima's multi-game development deal with Sony.

Hideo Kojima's first game outside of Konami was a success. The so-called walking simulator, Death Stranding, was a critical hit when it first came out for the PlayStation 4 in 2019. Two years later, the game would get a Director's Cut release with added content and eventually, a PC port. It wasn't available on the Xbox until recently and if we believe the rumors, the sequel will be exclusive to the PlayStation for just as long.

We're curious to see what Kojima can do with Death Stranding 2 with the power of the PlayStation 5.

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Popular leaker, DuskGolem, claims that Kojima is already working on Death Stranding 2, with Sony publishing.

According to the leaker, the new Death Stranding game's internal codename is "Ocean" and Kojima Productions is already thinking outside of its existing exclusivity deal with Sony as soon as the sequel is out.

Death Stranding is a rare game that doesn't need a sequel, but most wouldn't mind seeing Norman Reedus come back to reprise his role as Sam Porter. The Walking Dead actor has teased the sequel to Death Stranding twice already, one as recently back in May.

Having said that, adding naval travel suggests that Kojima could be thinking of making the sequel more massive.

Kojima will definitely need to out-ambition himself for Death Stranding 2 to work.

Ultimately, Kojima Productions' current projects put an end to rumors of its involvement in anything related to Metal Gear Solid. Kojima is currently working on an exclusive game for Microsoft with Death Stranding 2 also in the works. It'd be hard for Kojima to find time for a remake of one of his most iconic franchises unless the auteur has been hired in a consulting capacity.

Fans are still waiting for an update from Konami regarding the rumors that it's working on new Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania games.

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