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Deadrop pre-alpha access will no longer require NFT

After much backlash, it appears that Dr. Disrespect's upcoming NFT shooter is stepping back from Web3 and NFTs.

It'll be interesting to see how many pre-alpha access keys Deadrop will continue to sell until it's finally out.

SnapShot V of DEADROP is already out, but it's not necessarily the latest content drop for the upcoming extraction shooter making headlines. Instead, it's what appears to be Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society taking a step back from NFT-only access to the game.

Previously, the only way to access DEADROP before its public launch was to sign up and pay money for an NFT to become a founder "Variant". This time, pre-alpha access is available to anyone who can pay $25, which is cheaper than the price of the older NFTs.

Naturally, there are concessions. For example, the $25 pre-alpha access doesn't come with the NFT profile image/game avatar and a "VisorCortex," but everything from Snapshot V and onwards is part of the price.

So, if you're curious to find out how well things are going for DEADROP, now's your chance.

As DEADROP inches closer to its release, it's going to need more funding to get to the finish line. Unfortunately, this also means Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society will have to keep on finding new ways to milk audiences.

We suspect the new "Tower Key" isn't going to be the last of its kind. But, if it's any consolation, NFTs aren't part of the equation anymore. As much as the Doc has talked big about $100K blockchain items and such, this is a sign that DEADROP isn't as bullish on the idea of web3 and NFTs as once thought.

If nothing else, this will make the expected backlash to DEADROP once it's out sting less. However, that's if we don't see more NFTs coming to the game.

Here's a complete list of all that's included with the "Tower Key" purchase:

  • Early access to Snapshot V and other associated features
  • Exclusive and limited in-game cosmetics
  • Season 0 battle pass
  • Invites to special events
  • Exclusive streaming rights
  • Unique ID
  • Limited edition hideout item
Deadrop has tremendous potential to be a good game but that's only if it can steer clear of controversy.

As for the actual gameplay itself, DEADROP is playable. The latest footage screams pre-alpha, complete with the lack of polish and refinement. It's made excellent progress for a game that's less than a year old, but is a far cry from an AAA title. If it can keep up its current progress, who knows? But, stepping back from web3/crypto integration is a good start. You can't blame DEADROP for wanting to stay away from something that everyone but Square Enix wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Ultimately, it's your choice to jump in and play a rough draft of an early-access Unreal Engine 5 shooter. Just don't expect too much.

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