Deadpool 3 will be "gritty and raw" according to its director

Director Shawn Levy hints that the upcoming superhero film with be as raunchy as it was prior to being added to the MCU.

One of the things that make the Deadpool movies fun and entertaining is the liberal use of graphic content. It does not shy away from blood, gore, and profanity. The upcoming Deadpool 3 will have that same formula, even though it is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Deadpool 3 promises to be as raunchy as the previous two films in the series.

Marvel movies are generally PG-13 rated as it gets more viewers into the theaters. However, Deadpool 3 will still remain rated R, as with previous films from the series. According to director Shawn Levy, the upcoming third installment will be as gritty and raunchy as the previous two films.

In a recent interview with Collider, Levy shared his thoughts on writing the script of the upcoming movie. During the interview, the director assures fans that the film will still be R rated. It's pretty clear anything less would have led to a great deal of uproar.

"We are writing, rewriting, developing, prepping ‘Deadpool’ every day now," Levy shared. "It is such a blast to laugh every day. It is so delicious to hear and write and come up with these scenes where people are just talking foul."

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Director Shawn Levy shares his experience writing the screenplay for Deadpool 3.

He adds, "And the violence is in your face and hardcore, and it's very much a ‘Deadpool’ movie. And it has Logan in it. And it has Wolverine in it. It's too fun. I'm having so much fun, and I haven't even hit the shooting floor yet."

A movie involving two superheroes that have insane powers of regeneration surely sounds fun. We may be getting a film where Wade Wilson and Logan constantly try to poke holes in each other. According to reports, Wolverine will be angrier than in previous films and will be definitely taking shots at Deadpool.

Director Shawn Levy also revealed that working on the screenplay for Deadpool 3 has been a blast. "I have to say, developing a ‘Deadpool’ movie is one of the most fun creative experiences of my life because it's not just that it's rated R. It's that it's so filled with self-awareness, and that makes in-writing very, very fun in a way that is unique to that franchise," he explains.

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Levy shared that working on Deadpool 3 was "one of the most fun creative experiences of my life."

Deadpool 3 will not be the only Marvel film or TV series that will be rated R. Daredevil: Born Again will reportedly also have a similar rating to the Deadpool sequel. The original show on Netflix was also rated for mature audiences only.

Returning Disney CEO Bob Iger is open to Deadpool being rated R. "It [Deadpool] clearly has been and will be Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool," Iger said. "As long as we let the audiences know what’s coming, we think we can manage that fine."

Deadpool 3 will be heading to theaters on November 8, 2024.

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