Dead Space Remake reportedly set for a full reveal in mid-October

The report comes after Electronic Arts reportedly gave members of the press a chance to play part in Dead Space.

As we inch closer to the January release of the highly anticipated Dead Space remake, we're starting to get more details about the upcoming game. In fact, according to sources, an in-depth reveal will take place a few weeks from now.

Now that EA has backtracked on its earlier stance about single-player games, hopes are high that the Dead Space remake will deliver.

Tom Henderson revealed that the press recently had the opportunity to play Dead Space for several hours and interview the developers. True to this, EA Motive is starting to peel back the mysterious layers of the game. In a recent blog post, the studio revealed that the next Dead Space game will not have loading screens. Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme claims that the studio is "creating the entire game as one sequential shot. Philippe explains that "there are no camera cuts or load screens - unless you die."

This is a very similar feature from 2018's God of War and its upcoming sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, where the game takes place over one continuous shot.

Dead Space joins a growing list of games from the early 2010s that either got remakes, reboots, or sequels nearly a decade later. So far, we've had more hits than misses, but the survival horror genre is a tough nut to crack, so to speak. The first three Dead Space games were widely popular. Unfortunately, they were the victim of EA's now-outdated perspective on single-player games. Things have changed a lot over at EA since, but there's still concern that EA Motive won't be able to honor the spirit of the original trilogy. Thankfully, the latest blog post by EA and the leak by Henderson suggest that EA Motive is on the right track.

What are the chances that the Dead Space Remake will get official VR support?

With EA still yet to officially reveal the next Need for Speed game, we're bound to hear more from the company sooner rather than later. We're hoping that the leaks are true and we'll get more news about the Dead Space Remake ahead of its launch on January 27.

Fingers crossed, we might even get a Dead Space demo in time for Halloween.

Speaking of horror games, October is going to be huge for fans of the supernatural. On top of the still-unannounced Dead Space reveal, fans can look forward to the Resident Evil 4 Remake Livestream next month and the announcement of Silent Hill: The Short Message, which was recently leaked by South Korea's equivalent of the ESRB.

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