Dead Space protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is taking a much-needed vacation in Fortnite

The Dead Space star appears to have traded in the USG Ishimura for a ride on the Battle Bus.

Some people deserve nothing but a good time and Isaac Clarke is one of them. After shooting his way through a lifetime's worth of Necromorphs (and another one in the upcoming remake), Clarke deserves to have a break. Now, he finally has a chance to sit back and relatively relax by switching out horrific space abominations with other iconic pop culture icons like Lebron James, Chris Redfield, and more.

dead space in fortnite
We're hoping Epic Games doesn't get the crazy idea of adding Necromorphs to Fortnite.

Epic Games confirmed the engineer's arrival earlier this week as part of the Gaming Legends series and it appears he's not quite ready to hang his space suit just yet.

For $11.99, players can get their hands on the Stranger Transmissions Quest Pack that comes with the Isaac Clarke outfit, including a health bar and a plasma cutter pickaxe that comes with Isaac's upgrade systems from the video game franchise.

As a bonus, the pack gives you access to the Strange Transmissions Quests, which can reward you with up to 1,500 V-Bucks.

dead space in fortnite
The Dead Space skin basically pays for itself if you complete the questline.

The traumatized engineer is the latest Gaming Legends skin to come to Fortnite after the Psycho Bandit from Borderlands came in 2019. Most appear in the item shop from time to time but some are most likely a one-time thing. Skins like Doom Slayer, Geralt, and Lara Croft, which came with the battle pass, will likely never go on sale. Since you can buy Isaac Clarke from the shop, you might be able to pick it up in the future in case you're not interested yet. But, if we were you, we'll give Isaac the well-deserved vacation in Fortnite as soon as possible. Otherwise, god knows just how little humanity will be left in him the next time around.

All jokes aside, the Dead Space remake should be out in your country by now. It's unclear if EA Motive will work on a new sequel. But, if the remake sells well enough, a Dead Space 2 remake could happen after it's finished working on its Iron Man game.

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