Leaked Dead Space Game Could Appear at EA Play Live 2021

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, the Dead Space series was considered one of the most popular horror games out there. Although EA's trilogy of survival horror games might have peaked with 2011's Dead Space 2, the original title that was released in 2008, and the second sequel, 2013's Dead Space 3, were equally memorable experiences that deserve to be re-introduced to a modern audience.

Jeff Grub is teasing a Dead Space announcement at EA Play Live 2021.

According to Jeff Grub, a known industry insider, a revival of the Dead Space series is in the works. More importantly, both are also hinting that the upcoming Dead Space game will make an appearance at the EA Play Live 2021 showcase that will kick off on July 22.

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Is the Leaked Dead Space Game True?

As far as leaks go, Jeff Grub is one of the most trustworthy names in the video game industry. He has successfully leaked the location of Forza Horizon 5 as well as the Age of Empires event, among numerous others. So, when he speaks, people tend to listen.

In a recent stream (linked above), Jeff is heard talking about a lot of things. One of these includes alluding to a Dead Space game, where he says, "We'll see ... if we're not dead before."

Of course, this could all just be Jeff being his morbidly humorous self. However, considering his history of successfully leaking video game information, we wouldn't be surprised if this was a subtle hint. But, of course since EA Motive nor EA hasn't announced anything yet, we do recommend that you take what Jeff said with a grain of salt.

Until we receive a proper confirmation, you can keep yourself busy by playing some of the best horror games.

What Do We Know About EA Play Live 2021?

It's been almost a decade since Dead Space 3 was released in 2013.

In a rare case of a good ending, Dead Space 3 offered the series a definitive denouement. This could mean that the next Dead Space game is a reboot or an entirely different story set in the same universe. But, then again, God of War had a similar ending with God of War and we all know how that turned out.

EA Motive could follow the same route and revive Dead Space by giving it a fresh coat of paint with new mechanics, without necessarily alienating fans of the older games.

For now though, all we can do for now is to speculate and wait for EA Play Live 2021.

Speaking of, we know fairly little about EA Play Live 2021. All we know is that Battlefield 2042 will be a part of the upcoming showcase. However, strong contenders at this point include an earlier leaked lineup that included the likes of The Sims 5.

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