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Dead Island 2 sells over a million copies in 3 days

Despite the mixed critical reception to Dead Island 2 ahead of its long-overdue launch, fans still gravitated towards it.

This just goes to show that you don't always have to listen to critics.

Critics didn't love Dead Island 2 ahead of its launch on April 21. But, no one told the millions of fans who bought the game and loved it anyway.

Dambuster Studios' highly anticipated Dead Island title surpassed all expectations after selling more than a million copies in just three days after its launch. Many attribute the game's impressive sales to several factors like its stunning graphics, well-optimized performance, as well as its generic but fun storyline.

Dead Island 2 is set in a pseudo-open-world and fictionalized version of Los Angeles and San Francisco recently overrun by the undead. In the game, players can free-roam across the vast environment, taking advantage of the crafting system and robust skill trees to survive. According to players, they're loving how much freedom Dead Island 2 gives its players to create their own play style. As a bonus, Dambuster Studios did an excellent job integrating the single and multiplayer modes of Dead Island 2, so players can play solo or jump in with their friends with ease.

The success of Dead Island 2 proves that no game is ever truly dead. Before its release, Dead Island 2 had spent close to a decade in development, switching developers several times before Dambuster Studios finally saw it through.

Dead Island 2 is just one of the several horror games that's come out in the past six months.

Given its numbers, it wouldn't surprise us if Deep Silver brings Dambuster Studios back to work on Dead Island 3 as soon as possible.

Until then, for those who are looking for a must-play survival horror game that's lighter on the horror than usual but heavy on the fun and action, Dead Island 2 is right up your alley. It's a can't-miss title that should provide countless hours of fun.

As for Deep Silver, it can celebrate a much-needed win. The Austrian publisher lost big last year when it attempted to give audiences a GTA competitor with a Saints Row reboot. This prompted the Embracer Group CEO to voice his dissatisfaction with the sales or lack thereof.

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