DCU fan creates art for planned James Gunn Superman movie

A DCU fan on Instagram has put forward his candidate for Superman in a planned James Gunn reboot of the franchise.

DC Studios is in the market for a new actor to portray the man from Kent following Henry Cavill's exit.

James Gunn, the new co-CEO of DC Studios, recently announced his plans for a new live-action Superman film starring a young Clark Kent arriving at Metropolis for the first time, although it will not be an origin story. Gunn’s decision meant casting a new actor to portray the character and letting go of Henry Cavill who has portrayed the character in recent times. Gunn’s actions did not go down well with many DCU fans with some going as far as asking for Gunn’s sack.

Having said that, an artist on Instagram recently unveiled concept art proving why his actor of choice deserves a shot at the proverbial mantle (or is it cape?)

The fan art features the 29-year-old actor David Corenswet in a Superman costume that will bring the actor to life as the character. Alongside the art, Sanchez gave four reasons why he believes Corenswet is the perfect actor to fill Cavill’s boots. He mentioned that Corenswet is relatively unknown, his height and frame, and the fact that he is young and could play the role for the next decade or more. Finally, Sanchez alluded to Corenswet’s charm which, if you ask him, is a requirement for anybody looking to play the most popular superhero.

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Besides, Corenswet has indicated his desire to play the character several times before. He's gone on record as stating that one of his biggest ambitions is to play the Man of Steel. In addition to Sanchez’s points and the actor’s interest in the role, Corenswet also resembles a younger Cavill, who many consider is the best actor to play Superman. These points should go a long way when Gunn starts casting the next person to play the iconic character.

Corenswet is one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming stars. He started in stage productions as a child and he's a Juilliard School alumni. His most high-profile roles to date are in Netflix’s The Politician, HBO’s We Own This City, and the 2022 psychological slasher film titled Pearl. He also starred alongside Natalie Portman in the Apple TV+ series Lady in the Lake, which will be released next year.

James Gunn's reboot of the Superman franchise will feature a young Clark Kent at the beginning of his sojourn in Metropolis.

Since assuming his role as co-CEO of DC Studios, Gunn and his partner Peter Safran have implemented a number of changes in line with their vision for the DCU. Apart from Cavill’s axing, the duo has also put a pin in a planned third installment of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. However, in a statement released to his Twitter, Gunn promised fans that while their decisions won’t please everybody, they will be in service of the story and characters.

In that case, Gunn might want to take note of what this artist said about David Corenswet if he already hasn't.

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