Dan Lin declines to become Kevin Feige for DC Films

The search for DCEU’s Kevin Feige continues as producer Dan Lin declines taking the position of DC Films head.

Dan Lin will not be taking the DCEU reins, after negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery have fallen through.

The search for DCEU’s Kevin Feige continues as producer Dan Lin declines the position of DC Films head. (Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/LEGO)

As reported earlier, Dan Lin was one of the frontrunners for taking the helm for all DC film and television projects. This is part of the long-term overhaul of the DC Extended Universe, as per the directive of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. A large part of accomplishing this is by getting a Kevin Feige-like figurehead that is in touch with the pulse of the fans as well as the business side.

Why did Dan Lin decline the offer of spearheading the 10-year plan for the DCEU? Check out the details below.

The news of the result of Dan Lin’s talks with Warner Bros. Discovery was first reported by CNBC.

Although some media outlets stated that Lin rejected the offer, according to our sources the two sides simply did not reach a deal with the negotiations. A key factor of this outcome is that Dan Lin’s production company, Rideback (formerly Lin Pictures), has an ongoing deal with other companies.

According to sources, negotiations between Dan Lin and Warner Bros. Discovery for the producer to head DC Films has ended.

Specifically, Rideback has a first look deal with Universal Pictures. This deal was signed in 2021, with Universal Pictures President Peter Cramer:

Dan and his team at Rideback have an exceptional track record producing major franchises, animation and prestige films. Additionally, with Rideback Ranch, he has created a groundbreaking filmmaking community, and his commitment to cultivating talent across the industry perfectly complements our studio’s own efforts and values. We are thrilled to welcome Dan and Rideback to Universal and look forward to a partnership in the years to come that builds upon his amazing run of success.

As per our source, Warner Bros. Discovery would have had to make a compromise in compensating for Rideback’s deal with Universal Pictures. The extent of this compromise was not made clear, but it was implied Warner Bros. Discovery would have to take an equity stake of Rideback, as well as Lin’s non-profit creative campus Rideback Ranch, located at the Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles, CA.

It should be noted that Lin produced the successful LEGO movies previously under Warner Bros. Pictures. However, Universal and the LEGO Group inked a five-year deal back in 2020.

Dan Lin and his company Rideback handled production of the LEGO movies with Warner Bros. Pictures, but the property has moved to Universal under a five-year deal.

DC Films is a top priority for Warner Bros. Discovery after the merger. There have already been major changes made, including the cancellation of Batgirl for HBO Max and delays to the previous slate that include Black Adam, The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Although there have been varying reports as to why major projects have been delayed or cancelled (including cost-cutting to major reshoots), the company is determined to align DC Films in a similar vein as its rival Marvel Studios. With Walter Hamada exiting the position of heading the studios’ DCEU division, the search for an ideal replacement continues.

For the meantime, the last major DCEU release scheduled for 2022 will be Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson on October 21.

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