New Black Adam trailer has major revelations

The second Black Adam trailer has landed, with new revelations, including Amanda Waller and the true villain of the movie.

Black Adam’s newest trailer delivers big superhero action, as well as new reveals including Amanda Waller and the demonic Sabbac.

The second Black Adam trailer has landed, with new revelations, including Amanda Waller and the true villain of the movie. (Images: DC Films/Warner Bros. Pictures)

As reported earlier, Dwayne Johnson surprised a test screening of Black Adam with his presence. And true to his word, a new trailer was released today during Thursday Night Football. Fans are highly anticipating the film, expecting it to set up the 10-year plan of Warner Bros. Discovery for its superhero cinematic universe.

What’s new in the Black Adam trailer that should get fans excited about the upcoming DCEU movie? Read on for the details below.

We are the Justice Society

The latest Black Adam trailer was shared on various social media, including Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts:

The new trailer was also released at Warner Bros. Pictures official social media channels.

Perhaps the most extensive additions in the new Black Adam trailer are the substantial looks at the Justice Society. In the prior teasers and first full trailer, the focus was squarely on Dwayne Johnson’s titular anti-hero. These only had brief glimpses of the members of the Justice Society: Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) and what their roles will be in the film.

The new trailer gives more spotlight to the members of the Justice Society like Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge).

With the new trailer, we get more action-packed scenes involving the oldest superhero team in DC Comics history. There are shots of each member individually using their powers against Black Adam, such as Hawkman attacking with his Nth Metal mace, Atom Smasher in his giant form pummeling the anti-hero to the ground, and Cyclone using her wind powers to create a makeshift cage.

Doctor Fate, in particular, makes the biggest impact. Aside from more scenes depicting the Lord of Order’s magic being used, Pierce Brosnan delivers the old statesman aura well. And it is through his dialogue that viewers get a better understanding of the Justice Society.

In fact, it is Doctor Fate that finally mentions the name of the team. In response to Atom Smasher’s concern that he doesn’t have a passport, Doctor Fate quips that "we don’t need passports; we’re the Justice Society".

The new trailer also shows more of the mansion the Justice Society calls home. It is very reminiscent of the 2000s X-Men films, with the stately manor doubling as a superhero complex. Even the aircraft the Justice Society unveils is deployed in the same way, with the hangar beneath the mansion’s property.

The Wall and the demon

The newest trailer also finally confirms two previous rumors: Amanda Waller and Sabbac.

Some news outlets reported that an early cut of Black Adam from test screenings had leaked that Viola Davis would be reprising her role as Amanda Waller, aka The Wall from the Suicide Squad films and the Peacemaker spinoff.

The trailer reveals that Waller is in discussion with Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) on how to deal with Black Adam. The two break down the anti-hero’s apparent age of 5,000 years old and level of power. This leads to Hawkman stating the JSA can take him down, but Waller will have to provide the containment. The scene leads to shots of Johnson’s Black Adam being placed in what appears to be a stasis unit that keeps him unconscious.

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) returns, apparently working with the Justice Society to capture Black Adam.

It seems Amanda Waller is not deploying Task Force X (aka The Suicide Squad), given how she is directly working with the Justice Society this time around. Regardless, this does confirm that the events of Black Adam take place in the existing DCEU continuity.

The second major addition to the new trailer that had been rumored is the main villain, the demonic Sabbac. Earlier images, teasers, and trailers implied that Black Adam would be the antagonist of the story. However, the new trailer confirms the inclusion of the red skinned Sabbac as the true enemy that both Black Adam and the Justice Society must face.

Sabbac is an otherworldly demon who debuted in Captain Marvel Jr. #4 (February 1943) as an enemy of Shazam. In his human guise of Timothy Karnes, he could transform into his super powered demon guise by saying a magic word. A more powerful version was introduced in 2004, this time with the human identity of Ishmael Gregor.

In the Black Adam movie, the Ishmael Gregor version will be depicted, portrayed by Marwan Kenzari (The Old Guard). In the new trailer, Sabbac’s appearance is very brief, with only one shot of the demon’s back and a short confrontation against Hawkman.

Is Superman confirmed?

One important takeaway from the second Black Adam trailer is that it aligns with the apparent leaked information. Specifically, the rumors and speculation included Amanda Waller in a post-credit scene discussing the aftermath of the movie. Moreover, the rumored post credit scene reportedly reveals Waller is talking to none other than Superman in a cameo.

With the newest trailer confirming that Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller will be in it, is this solid proof that Superman will be in the widely rumored scene? And if it does happen, will it be Henry Cavill triumphantly reclaiming his place in the DC Extended Universe?

We will all find out once Black Adam’s lightning strikes in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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