New The Batman trailer headlines upcoming DC Fandome

DC Fandome reveals The Batman new trailer, The Flash details, and other shows, games, and movie updates.

DC Fandome, the premier convention showcasing everything under the DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. current and future slate, returns this October 2021. Included in the upcoming online convention are trailers and updates for the six most anticipated DC Extended Universe films and projects.

The Batman official title logo. (Images: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures)
The Batman official title logo. (Images: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Read on for everything revealed by the DC Fandome announcement and what’s coming this October!

The Batman new trailer

Perhaps the revelation that is getting the most attention from the DC Fandome announcement is The Batman getting a new trailer.

The DC Fandome held last year in August was also when the first teaser for the newest Batman film was revealed. You can see that particular teaser trailer below:

Fans have been clamoring for a new trailer since then, but this had been postponed multiple times due to the delays in production, not the least of which is that star Robert Pattinson had allegedly been infected with COVID-19 and required recovery during the filming period. The production finally wrapped up its principal photography in March 2021 and headed into post-production.

Despite the delays, the teaser trailer released from DC Fandome was enough to generate substantial buzz on the project. There had been some resistance to Pattinson’s casting by director Matt Reeves, due to the actor’s unflattering reputation as a heartthrob thanks to his role in projects like the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. However, Pattinson has had much more diverse and serious roles under his belt since then, with the most recent noteworthy examples being the psychological thriller The Lighthouse (2019) and the science fiction action movie Tenet (2020).

However, the release of The Batman teaser put many of the concerns to rest, as Pattinson does a worthy depiction of the Dark Knight, particularly in the one scene fighting against a gang leader. Still, there were some anecdotes about his Bruce Wayne being too emotional and unkempt. But given the very brief and incomplete snippets from the teaser, this was still too early to tell. Other notable elements shown from last year’s teaser were that of Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), The Penguin (Colin Farrell), The Riddler (Paul Dano), and James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright).

Viewers of an apparent test screening of The Batman calls it a "horror movie".

Recently, the film garnered high praise after being shared on social media from an apparent early test screening of The Batman. According to one Twitter user:

The Batman movie is a horror movie. Very graphic, very dark, very scary. Paul Dano is f*cking crazy, so fucking scary I loved every second.

Other details mentioned in the Twitter thread about The Batman test screening:

  • The test screening cut is three hours long.
  • Zoë Kravitz in her role as Catwoman: "I have a million things to say about Catwoman, she’s my favorite, holy sh*t… definitely my favorite Catwoman."
  • Robert Pattinson’s voice used as The Batman: "His voice was perfect in my opinion."
  • An apparent cliffhanger scene at the end that sets up the sequel: "There’s a scene at the end that literally had everyone SCREAMING, everyone gasped.. like it was a big NO WAY for everyone."

The entire Twitter thread can be found below:

These responses to the test screening fueled many fans’ interests further, increasing the clamor for a new trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures. With the DC Fandome details, it appears they will get their wish. A new The Batman trailer will debut during the DC Fandome proceedings on October 16. After the online convention ends, the trailer will likely be available on official DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. social media accounts such as on YouTube and Instagram.

Other DC Fandome reveals

DC Fandome will also highlight other DCEU films, The CW shows, HBO Max projects, animation, video games, and DC Comics books.
DC Fandome will also highlight other DCEU films, The CW shows, HBO Max projects, animation, video games, and DC Comics books.

Besides a new trailer for The Batman, DC Fandome is also scheduled for other potential trailers and updates, namely:

  • The Flash – It is likely that a teaser trailer for the currently in production Flashpoint-inspired film with Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and Sasha Calle will be shown.
  • Black Adam – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s DCEU film featuring the super-powered Black Adam and the Justice Society wrapped earlier in July. DC Fandome 2020 also debuted the concept art teaser for the film. It is probable that an actual live-action teaser or full trailer will debut for this year’s convention.
  • Aquaman and the Lost KingdomThe sequel to the first Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa only began filming this July due to delays. Although a teaser might be possible, it will certainly receive some promotional material during DC Fandome.
  • Shazam: Fury of the Gods - This sequel for the 2019 film that introduced Zachary Levi's mystical superhero and his family might also get a teaser during the convention.
  • Television – Superman & Lois is a sleeper hit for The CW that just concluded its first season. Other CW shows that will be highlighted in DC Fandome include The Flash (which will be starting Season 8 this November with a crossover titled Armageddon), Stargirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and the farewell of Supergirl.
  • HBO Max – James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spinoff The Peacemaker (starring John Cena), as well as new seasons of Doom Patrol and Titans.
  • Animation – Warner Bros. animated projects that will be promoted during DC Fandome include Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Batman: Caped Crusader, Harley Quinn, and Young Justice. Animated movies Catwoman: Hunted and Injustice will also receive attention.
  • Video Games – The previously delayed Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad games will be getting some updates during the convention.
  • Comic Books – Announcements and updates for the current slew of DC Comics will be presented, including the next major events and key projects such as the Batman/Fortnite crossover, the return of Milestone Media titles such as Icon and Static, and more Black Label projects (which target a more mature audience with DC Comics and creator-owned properties).

DC Fandome will stream at the official website ( on October 16, 2021 at 10am PT. The online convention will run for about 4 hours.

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves, and stars Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. The DCEU film heads to theaters March 4, 2022.

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