Bend Studio Drops Days Gone PC Release Date and Trailer

One of the worst kept secrets in gaming is that the Days Gone PC port is going to release some time this year. Even though it hasn't been confirmed in any official capacity whatsoever, SIE CEO Jim Ryan mentioned that a PC port of Days Gone was coming during an interview with GQ earlier in February.

Days Gone Pc
Days Gone on PC is good to go with a May 18 release date, as well as support for 21:9 ultra-wide monitors and unlocked frame rates, among others.

Fast forward to a couple of months later and the game's developers, Bend Studio, have officially announced that the first-party PlayStation-exclusive title will make its way to the PC platform via Steam.

When is the Days Gone PC Release Date?

Days Gone Pc
Sony will give PC players a taste of what it's like to fight against a horde of Freakers in Days Gone starting May 18.

Days Gone will make its way to the PC on May 18, 2021, with numerous improvements that will no doubt make the action-adventure survival horror game' PC version the superior way of experiencing Deacon St. John's life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Among the many improvements for the Days Gone PC version include 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked frame rates, as well as compatibility with 1st and 3rd-party controllers, and the standard mouse plus keyboard set-up.

In addition to this, the Days Gone PC version will add numerous visual improvements for the betterment of the game. This includes more details, longer foliage draw distances, and a "super resolution photo mode" that will let players capture up to 500 Freakers (the game's term for zombies) along with the protagonist in the same shot.

Is There a Days Gone PC Trailer Available?

Yes. There is. The Days Gone PC release date announcement came with a brand-new trailer. It showcases everything gamers should expect from the PlayStation-exclusive once it hits the Steam digital distribution platform.

Will There be a Days Gone Sequel?

Given the commercial success of Days Gone, you'd think that Sony would give Bend Studio free reigns to work on a follow-up title. However, recent reports seem to suggest that a Days Gone sequel is highly unlikely.

Game director Jeff Ross recently joined God of War creator David Jaffe in a lifestream wherein the two of them discussed numerous things including the Bloomberg report on the Last of Us PS5 remake, as well as the cancellation of the Days Gone sequel. Although nowhere in the interview did Ross confirm that there is no Days Gone sequel in the works, he did explain that there was a pitch for a potential sequel that would expand on the game with co-op gameplay and a shared universe.

But, who knows? Money talks in these types of situations, and apparently, the sales numbers of Days Gone weren't enough to make a sequel appealing in the eyes of Sony. Even though it was one of the best-selling games the year it launched in 2019, one of the reasons brought up for Sony's lack of interest in a sequel is how long it took for Bend Studio to release the game.

Bend Studio reportedly started working on Days Gone in early 2015 with Sony revealing the game at E3 2016, three years before its eventual release date.

With that said, it is unknown if a sequel will materialise soon, if ever, and you certainly shouldn't count on it. There is already talks that Bend Studio is working on a new title that is not Days Gone. Then again, the PC sales of Days Gone might persuade Sony to revisit the idea of a sequel in the future.

Previously, PlayStation-exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, sold more than 700,000 digital copies in the month the PC port released on Steam. Should Days Gone even begin to approach those numbers, it'd be a huge waste for Sony not to work on a sequel.

Days Gone is currently available as a free title for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month of April.

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