Days Gone 2 cancellation reason revealed by former Bend Studio director

Jeff Ross has been talking a lot about Bend Studio's declined projects by Sony, including Days Gone 2.

Days Gone wasn't the most critically beloved game, but the open-world zombie title was quite popular among fans. Although Sony never revealed the official sales figures for the game, Days Gone is presumed to have sold several million units. Not to mention, the game sold even more in 2021 when it was ported over to the PC.

For someone who has moved on from Days Gone 2's cancellation, Jeff Ross still has a lot to say about the cancelled title.

While fans have long been wondering if a sequel is going to happen, it appears that Sony isn't interested - and Jeff Ross might have just revealed why.

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Sony just doesn't want Bend Studio to make Days Gone 2

A Days Gone sequel might still happen - just don't expect it to come anytime soon nor from Bend Studio.

Days Gone trended for a while in 2021. In April of the same year, Sony gave away the 2019 game to all PS Plus subscribers. Days Gone also made its way to the PC soon after. The director of the development studio behind the game, Bend Studio, then went on Twitter to ask fans to sign a petition for a Days Gone sequel. Unfortunately, despite making a bit of a splash, the fate of a potential sequel had long been decided already.

According to Jeff Ross, Shawn Layden's departure killed Bend Studio's chances of getting a sequel greenlit.

In an extensive interview conducted and uploaded by David Jaffe, who is best known for his work on the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, Ross revealed a lot of information about Days Gone and Bend Studio's other canceled projects.

According to Ross, the longtime Sony employee and former president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) was a huge fan of Days Gone. But, this also meant that getting the sequel made without Layden in the picture was going to be near-impossible. Ross added that "as soon as Shawn was gone, Days Gone was dead." Jaffe then clarified if Ross was trying to throw "anyone under the bus" with his statement but he did go on to say that he didn't have any problems with Layden's successor, Jim Ryan.

Ross has been ruffling feathers lately with his tweets about Days Gone. Even if some have pointed out that his numbers aren't accurate, it's clear that the idea that Days Gone was a failure doesn't sit well with him.

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In addition to his tweet about Days Gone, the former Bend Studio director also revealed that he pitched an open-world Resistance sequel to Sony after it declined Days Gone 2. He also added that Sony asked him to do a Syphon Filter reboot. Unfortunately, Sony passed on the former. Jeff explains that he thinks that the reason for this is because the last Resistance game did not do too well. Meanwhile, for the latter, it was Ross who declined the offer, saying that he had "zero ideas on how to reboot Syphon Filter."

If it's any consolation, Bend Studio is working on something new. PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst revealed back in June 2021 that the studio was working on a new IP. Hulst's statement came just months after Bloomberg reported that Bend declined Sony's offer to work on two unannounced titles, including a new Uncharted game, to go do its own thing.

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