Dave Bautista on CM Punk: "bigger in films than he was in wrestling"

Bautista threw high praise to his fellow WWE alumni, CM Punk, on Twitter.

Dave Bautista isn't the first WWE superstar to make the jump to Hollywood. However, he's one of the few to have seen significant success with the move.

Bautist was not afraid to compliment CM Punk in a recent tweet.
Bautist was not afraid to compliment CM Punk in a recent tweet.

After a series of starring roles in movies like 2010's Wrong Side of Town, 2012's The Man with the Iron Fists, and 2013's Riddick, he landed the one role that catapulted him further into the mainstream consciousness, portraying Drax the Destroyer in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since then, Bautista has reprised his role as Drax in multiple MCU films, with the fan-favorite director, James Gunn, voicing his support for a Drax solo MCU film.

Now that the Marvel star has become a certified Hollywood megastar, Bautista has had no problems helping out fellow WWE alumni. In his most recent statement on Twitter, Bautista went throws high praise to CM Punk, who he claims will be "bigger in films than he was in wrestling."

Bautista's tweet comes in response to Punk's interview with Kristian Harloff from Movie Trivia Schmoedown. In the said interview, CM Punk describes Bautista as someone he looks up to. Naturally, Bautista's tweet did not go unnoticed. In addition to retweets from other popular figures, CM Punk himself responded. He replied, "I saved this tweet. Thanks Big Dave let’s gooooooooo!!!!!"

CM Punk received a lot of praise for his role in 2019 horror film, Girl on the Third Floor.
CM Punk received a lot of praise for his role in 2019 horror film, Girl on the Third Floor.

CM Punk, whose real name is Philip Jack Brooks, is a professional wrestler. He signed with the WWE in 2005 and went on to achieve fame with his brash and outspoken in-ring persona while signed with the wrestling promotion. He currently holds the record for the fastest time to become a WWE Triple Crown Champion after he won the Intercontinental title, World Tag Team Title, and the World Heavyweight title all within the span of a year (203 days, to be exact).

He stepped down from the WWE in 2014 to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts, signing with the Ultimate Fighting Champion where he achieved an 0-2 record. Most recently, CM Punk was seen returning to wrestling though, signing with and making his debut for All Elite Wrestling on August 20.

What's Next for Dave Bautista?

Dune is scheduled to premiere in October 2021.
Dune is scheduled to premiere in October 2021.

Bautista is in the busiest stretch of his Hollywood career so far. He has starred in multiple films since 2015, with his most recent starring role being in Zack Snyder's Netflix exclusive, Army of the Dead. Bautista is set to make an appearance in Dune later this year, as well as Thor: Love and Thunder. He is also part of the ensemble cast for Knives Out 2, which is currently filming.

On top of these movie appearances, Bautista has made time for the smaller screen as well. He is set to appear in season 2 of See opposite of Jason Momoa, with who he recently expressed wanting to do a buddy cop movie.

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