Dave Bautista leaves impression in latest See Season 2 clip

Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are set to clash in Season 2 of See.

Apple continues to hype its ongoing Apple TV+ series, See. The sci-fi drama TV series is set in a desolate world where a pandemic ravaged most of the human population, leaving the remaining few without the ability to see. It stars Jason Momoa as Baba Voss, a strong and feared tribal leader.

Apple is setting up Dave Bautista's arrival in See as a big one.

See was an immediate success after premiering in November 2019. Apple soon renewed it for a second season with a third one guaranteed sometime after. One of the biggest highlights of the second season is the arrival of Dave Bautista as Edo Voss, Baba Voss' younger brother.

As the two brothers inch closer to their highly anticipated meeting, Apple is drumming up the excitement with the release of a brand new clip.

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When will Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista clash in See?

The Jason Momoa-led TV series is one of the biggest draws of Apple's streaming service.

The latest See clip doesn't feature as much action as the previous clips. Instead, this one focuses more on protecting your own tribe and the ongoing war between the Trivantian Republic, which Edo leads as its Commander General, and the Kingdom of Paya.

Unfortunately, we don't know when Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista's characters will fight against each other (as teased in earlier trailers) in Season 2 of See. Because of how big the potential fight can be, the Apple TV series might have saved it for much later in the season. This means that fans will have to wait for a while to see these two gigantic stars duke it out in See.

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If it's any consolation, audiences are about to see more of Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista in the same film soon enough.

Both Momoa and Bautista are co-stars in the upcoming movie adaptation of the novel of the same name, Dune, which is set to premiere on October 22, 2021. Perhaps, more importantly, the two Hollywood actors are going to do a buddy cop film together that will reportedly be filmed in Hawaii sometime soon.

Episode 3 of the eight-episode Season 2 of See is expected to drop on September 10, 2021.

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