Pokemon GO Fest 2023 date and location leaked online

Trainers seeking to capture the remaining rare Hoenn region Pokemon attended the in-person Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event held in Las Vegas in February.

Some astute Pokemon trainers may have discovered the date and location of this year's annual Pokemon GO celebration, Pokemon GO Fest 2023.

As per a now-deleted post on TheSilphRoad subreddit, a blog titled 'Vancouver GoFest' was discovered on the VisitVancouverWashington website, which promotes tourism in Vancouver. The blog post listed the festival dates as June 3, 2023, to June 4, 2023, at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

The blog's About section also included a description that read:

GoFest is a new event in Vancouver for Pokemon GO. The event will be run from Fort Vancouver, but attendees would disperse across the city after checking in.

Additional details about the event indicate that professional cosplay actors will engage with attendees who participate in "a game augmented reality mode where players can take a photo with their Pokemon."

However, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, has yet to announce the official date and location for Pokemon GO Fest 2023. This recurring real-world event started in 2017 and is considered the largest annual celebration of Pokemon GO. Because of the pandemic, the events have mainly been held virtually since 2020. However, this year's event is anticipated to return to the traditional in-person meeting format.

Speaking of Pokemon, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu's 25-year journey finally came to an end after Ash won the Pokemon World Championship. Now that these beloved characters are set to leave the animated series, the Pokemon Company is introducing Liko from Paldea and Roy from Kanto as the new protagonists who will propel the series forward.

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming series, titled Pokemon Horizons: The Series, above.

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