Dataminer claims Mark Hamill might be reprising his role as the Joker in MultiVersus

An iconic DC villain is allegedly making its way into the MultiVersus universe.

Warner Bros. is certainly not holding back in building its expensive and ever-expanding roster of MultiVersus with original and well-known voice actors. It seems the company is also looking to invest heavily in future characters.

Dataminer Claims Mark Hamill Might Be Reprising His Role As The Joker In Multiversus

With Kevin Conroy voicing Batman and Tara Strong voicing Harley Quinn, it seems Mark Hamill is looking to join the MultiVersus roster as the Joker. It is only fitting to have Batman's "favorite" villain in the game too.

A data miner on Twitter, Laisul, recently shared some voice lines for an upcoming announcer pack. The voice appears to be the classic Joker's voice by Mark Hamill.

Laisul confirmed that the voice belongs to the new DC Joker character in the game. However, he cannot confirm whether Mark Hamill voices the character or not. But from what we've heard so far, it is certainly a possibility.

It is also interesting to see the Joker announcer lines getting leaked, as thus far, we only have announcer voice lines for characters that are playable in-game. This hints that Joker may be joining the MultiVersus universe soon, with Mark Hamil reprising his role as the Joker.

Furthermore, Laisul also shared some text-based voice lines played when using the Joker during combat.

Mark Hamill is known for various iconic roles, including Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series and the Joker in the Batman animated series released in 1992. Mark Hamill has continued to voice the Joker on and off, even since his claim that he would be portraying the villain for the last time in Batman Arkham City.

Season 1 of MultiVersus kicked off in August with some of the most iconic DC characters, such as Black Adam and the Gremlin. The idea of having another DC character, the Joker, shouldn't be alien at this point.

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