Datamine confirms The Crew: Motorfest will be built on a new engine

According to a datamine, the fourth installment of The Crew franchise will reportedly be called "The Crew: Motorfest."

Project Orlando, as you may know it, was the codename for Ubisoft's next unannounced major IP. But, as it turns out, it's most likely a codename of the new The Crew game.

the crew motorfest
We managed to retrieve the datamine poster

A report by Insider Gaming claims that we could get an official announcement, with a lot more additional information, as early as next week. Twitter user ScriptLeaksR6 was the first one to publish the datamine before getting hit with a copyright claim. We managed to retrieve a version of the poster showing the new logo for the title, on top of a ticket for a Motorfest racing event with the abbreviation "Starting Feb" on it.

It’s not yet clear if this is destined for the launch of beta testing, as "Insider Program" is clearly stated on it. Insider Gaming also reports that they have received images showing electronic billboards, registration plates, and the loading menu, that they can’t share under the veil of source secrecy.

Regardless if it's a new IP or if it remains a The Crew DLC, the new racing game from Ubisoft will likely be built on a new engine and take place on a modified version of the picturesque Oahu island in Hawaii. This makes sense considering that Ivory Tower, one of the Crew’s developers, formerly worked with Eden Games to create Test Drive Unlimited, where the entire map was a half-hour drive from Honolulu to Haleiwa.

ubisoft racing game
Ubisoft needs a new racing game to compete with Forza Horizon and NFS

This isn’t the only datamine to come out of Ubisoft's chambers, with Far Cry 7 information leaking a few days ago. The developers are reportedly also working on a new Ghost Recon game. And while The Crew 2 did eventually get an update allowing for a 60 FPS mode on current generation consoles, the hope is that the new engine used for this title will ensure performance and visual quality suitable for newer displays.

We got a whole list of the major Ubisoft games slated for a 2023 release, but that doesn't include the new Star Wars game it is testing and trying to monetize. Still, the studio has been constantly facing turmoil, with reports suggesting that potential buyers are laughing at its merger requests.

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