Promotional art hints at Darksiders 4 being in the works

It's been years since the last Darksiders game was released and it appears that the next one is in development.

Darksiders is one of the most underrated video game franchises in recent memory. THQ Nordic's series of games revolves around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ever since the first Darksiders game was released in 2010, fans have been begging THQ Nordic to release a team-up involving all four characters. Instead, all audiences have gotten are individual follow-up titles that effectively as prequels to the first game.

A recent promotional art that appears to feature Lilith has sparked discussions of a new Darksiders game.

Make no mistake, the games are very much welcome. We even included Darksiders Genesis in our round-up of the best non-Diablo dungeon crawlers. However, all these games have done is build up the anticipation for the four-player co-op title.

To date, there's no news yet if the four-player Darksiders game is in development. But, if it's any consolation, some recent concept art might have just confirmed that the studio is working on a new Darksiders game.

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When is Darksiders 4 going to release?

Fans believe that this promo art is for an upcoming Darksiders game.

According to eagle-eyed observers, Darksiders 3 illustrator, Anton Lavrushkin, just posted some new Darksiders promo art on his ArtStation account. Lavrushkin doesn't specifically state for which game it is. Instead, all the description says is that the images are "promotion art commission work for THQ Nordic on the Darksiders franchise." However, fans have taken this as "confirmation" that THQ Nordic is cooking up a new Darksiders game.

One thing fans have noted is that the picture looks a lot like the mother of the Nephilim, Lilith. So far, Lilith has made occasional appearances in each Darksiders game. The game describes her as the "Queen of Demons", so it would make sense that an upcoming Darksiders game feature her prominently as a potential primary antagonist.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It's still best to take everything that you just read with a grain of salt.

It's not clear what Lavrushkin's intention was for releasing the promotional art. If it is for a new Darksiders game, we suspect that Lavrushkin would not have uploaded it. Otherwise, THQ Nordic would have asked him to take it down already. Because it's still available online, Lavrushkin's latest images might be for an older scrapped title. Or, if we're being positive, it could be THQ Nordic's subtle way of confirming that a new Darksiders game is on its way, especially since each image that Lavrushkin made is dated 2021.

In any case, THQ Nordic is working on several games at the moment. We can only hope that Darksiders 4 is one of them, but if not, then the wait continues.

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