Dark Ops Challenges Strategy Guide (How To Complete Them All)

Dark Ops challenges are secret challenges in Cold War Zombies that are only revealed to players once they complete the challenge. There are 13 Dark Ops challenges, and you get a Master Calling Card for completing just 11 of them.

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This lesser requirements to complete only 11 gives you an advantage, as you can skip the ones you do not want to do, depending on the challenge's difficulty level. You can complete the challenges that you feel more comfortable with.

This guide covers all 13 Dark Ops challenges found in Cold War Zombies and shows you the strategies you can use to complete them. The first 10 challenges will require in-depth strategies, while the rest of the three challenges will take you longer to complete, even if two of them are easy.

We also have a full video guide.

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Armed To The Teeth

Requirement: Have 2 fully packed weapons with ammo mods equipped and 6 perks active.

This one is a straightforward challenge. To complete this challenge, you must have two different guns and Pack-a-Punch, both of them to tier 3. You must also buy all six perks in the game.

To complete this challenge, you need a total of 126,500 points. You need 22,500 to buy all six perks. You will need 4,000 to put ammo mods on both your weapons (2,000 each), and finally, you need 100,000 to fully Pack-a-Punch both your weapons to tier 3 (50,000 per weapon). Note that you do not have to upgrade your weapon rarity level. You just need to Pack-a-Punch the weapons.

The ammo mods don't work on the D.I.E. Shockwave wonder weapon and the Ray Gun. So, it has to be one of the regular weapons. Now, of course, you do not have to do this in one sitting. You can do this as you progress through the rounds gradually. There is no specific strategy for this challenge, but you should have enough by round 30 if you utilize your points efficiently.

Box Addict

Requirement: Buy every weapon from the Mystery Box in a single game.

This one is an easy, but a very tedious and time-consuming Dark Ops Challenge. In this challenge, you need to hit the mystery box until you have bought every weapon from the box. This means every single weapon under every class. For this challenge, points are essential. Either start with a knife loadout or upgrade your melee to tier 3 for a bowie knife that you can melee with, even if you start with a gun.

Try to knife the zombies as much as you can until you have enough points, leave one zombie at the end of each round, and start spinning the mystery box until you run out of points. When you run out of points, kill the last zombie and survive the next round by killing all the zombies and leaving one behind. Then you can repeat the same and keep hitting the mystery box.

The Scorestreaks, Ray Gun, and Wonder Weapon does not count. As for other weapons, you can get any variant, but you must get each type at least once.

Here is a complete list of all the guns that you must get from the box. It would be best to print it out and keep crossing the weapons you might have already received from the mystery box. Trust me, it really helps!

  • Assault Rifles
    • XM4
    • AK-47
    • Krig 6
    • QBZ 83
    • FFAR 1
  • Submachine Guns
    • MP5
    • Milano 821
    • AK-74u
    • Bullfrog
    • KSP 45
  • Lightmachine Guns
    • Stoner 63
    • RPD
    • M60
  • Tactical Rifles
    • M16
    • AUG
    • Type 63
    • DMR 14
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Pellington 703
    • LW3 - Tundra
    • M82
  • Pistols
    • 1911
    • Magnum
    • Diamatti
  • Launchers
    • RPG-7
    • Cigma 2
  • Shotguns
    • Hauer 77
    • Gallo SA12
  • Special
    • Knife
    • M79 (Grenade Launcher)

Once you complete the challenge you will get a completion notification on your screen. It will definitely take some time to complete this so be patient as the Mystery Box is completely random.


Requirement: Play every single trial in Die Maschine in a single game.

This one is also a rather easy Dark Ops challenge to complete as you don't really need to do anything except earn points and start trials in the control room. Earning points for this challenge is essential.

Start the game with a knife and save up as many points as possible until the end of round 6. At the end of round 6, make your way to the plane crash site. You can also buy the Stamin-Up and Jugger-Nog if you wish to, but you don't really need them. If you refrain from buying these perks, then you can save extra points for the trials.

Once at the crash site, buy the Gallo SA12 off the wall just to be safe in case you get into some sticky situations because you might go as high as round 12, and the zombies can get overwhelming if you're running around with a single knife.

After buying the Gallo SA12, make your way to the control room and start the trials through the trial computer. The best part about this challenge is that you do not actually have to do these trials. Just wait for the timer to run out and start again. Another piece of good news is that the trials do not repeat unless the rest of the map is locked, and a trial related to that specific locked area is still left.

You don't have to turn on the power, to avoid megatons and plague hounds, just yet. Complete the trials until you see that you are getting a repeated trial. Once you get a repeated trial, open the rest of the map and turn on the power. Start another trial after turning on power and opening the rest of the map, and you will get a new trial.

Keep repeating the same strategy, and you will eventually complete all the trials. There are a total of 26 trials that are listed below and categorized into three types.

  • Killing Zombies
    • Kill zombies with hip-fire
    • Kill zombies while crouched
    • Kill enemies from higher elevation
    • Kill enemies within close range
    • Kill enemies while in the Dark Aether
    • Kill enemies with melee attacks
    • Kill zombies with critical finishers
    • Kill zombies with equipment
    • Get multiple kills as quickly as possible
  • Killing Zombies (Locations)
    • Kill any zombies in location: Crash Site
    • Kill any zombies in location: Pond
    • Kill any zombies in location: Tunnel
    • Kill any zombies in location: Yard
    • Kill any zombies in location: Medical Bay
    • Kill any zombies in location: Weapons Lab
    • Kill any zombies in location: Particle Accelerator
  • Other
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: Control Room
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: Crash Site - Plane Wing
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: "Living Room"
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: "Penthouse"
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: "Bedroom"
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: Yard
    • Remain inside location as long as possible: Main Power
    • Avoid taking damage
    • Rebuild Barricades
    • Take damage and recover health

Upon getting all 26 trials, you will get a completion notification.

Good Enough

Requirement: Reach Round 20 with only your starting loadout and no upgrades.

This challenge is also straightforward to complete if you have the right weapon with appropriate attachments. If you're playing carefully, you will be fine.

For this challenge choose the Gallo SA12 with the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: SOCOM Blast Mitigator
  • Barrel: 24.8" Task Force
  • Body: Ember Sighting Point
  • Magazine: STANAG 12 Rnd Tube
  • Stock: Marathon Stock

The goal here is to maximize the damage and increase the salvage rate drop. These both are important for the completion of this challenge. Also, select 'Ring of Fire' as your field upgrade and ensure that it is upgraded to tier 3. This will be used to deal with the Megatons.

When the game starts, kill the zombies with the shotgun to increase the chances of getting salvage. Always kill them when they are inside the map, not outside the boundaries, or else they won't drop the salvage. Try to get critical kills to maximize your points.

Keep killing the zombies in the spawn area until about Round 5-6, and then make your way to the plane crash site. On your way, buy Stamin-Up and also buy Jugger-Nog when you reach the site. Survive in the crash site area by training the zombies and killing them using your shotgun to collect 2,000 uncommon salvage and 250 high-grade salvage.

Use the top of the crash plane wing to get a good vantage point at the beginning of each round. You will have fewer chances of getting cornered. Once you have enough salvage, buy two monkey bombs and a War Machine Scorestreak. This will be used to deal with the Megaton. Your custom class gun won't be strong enough to take him out.

The first Megaton usually spawns at Round 15 without building a Pack-A-Punch machine. So make sure you have two monkey bombs and a War Machine Scorestreak by Round 15. As soon as round 15 begins, go on top of the plane wing and wait for the Megaton to spawn.

As soon as the Megaton spawns, throw one of the monkey bombs somewhere far away from you. Then, activate your Ring of Fire and use the War Machine Scorestreak to take out the Megaton. He will die in max one or two shots from the War Machine.

When the Megaton is splitting into two bombers, throw the second monkey bomb, and use your war machine to finish off the split bombers. Do not spam your war machine, as it may come in handy when the second Megaton spawns. Luckily for us, the Megaton didn't spawn until Round 21. But, the second one usually spawns around Round 18-19. Make sure you have two monkey bombs and a War Machine by then to deal with him in case he spawns. This means you will have to deal with potentially two Megatons until you reach Round 20.

Once you complete round 19, you will get a completion notification for "Good Enough." You just have to reach round 20, not complete it.

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