Dark Horse Games Wants to Bring Comics to Video Game Life

Dark Horse Games, the aptly named brand-new gaming and digital division of the popular Dark Horse Comics, has arrived. The American comic book and manga publisher is currently looking to expand its reach and bring some of its most popular comic books to video game life.

Hellboy most recently appeared in the 2017 superhero versus fighting game, Injustice 2.

What Is Dark Horse Games' First Project?

To no one's surprise, Dark Horse is going with Hellboy first.

VentureBeat was the first to report on Dark Horse Comic's move into the video game industry. Dark Horse games will reportedly be based in Oregon and Shanghai. It was established to help make video games out of its most popular properties come true. This includes the likes of Sin City, Hellboy, Umbrella Academy, and 300, among numerous others.

Dark Horse Games general manager Johnny Lee detailed that the company plans on working with AAA development studios to create video games based on the most popular Dark Horse Comics projects. However, Lee also explained that Dark Horse created Dark Horse Games so that it can also explore creating video games based on older lesser-known books and newer properties.

Lee specifically singled out Hellboy as one of Dark Horse's "evergreen properties'. Lee says that Dark Horse's works will always generate interest in terms of "making games and doing collaborations".

In fact, according to Lee, Dark Horse is currently in "late-stage discussions" with prominent game developers. Lee adds that, if everything goes well, fans can expect to see some of Dark Horse's characters make their way in video games as soon as Q1 of 2022.

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Speaking of Dark Horse characters, fans don't exactly have to wait to see one in action. In fact, Hellboy is available as a playable guest character in Injustice. Hellboy was added to one of the best fighting games ever as part of the Fighter Pack 2 DLC.

With that said, it will be interesting to see what Dark Horse does with its gaming division. So far, Dark Horse has found tremendous success in letting other studios make use of its characters. Going back to Hellboy, the popular supernatural being has been a part of three live-action films. Meanwhile, Zack Snyder has taken a stab with 2007's 300, which grossed nearly half a billion in total.

Another successful IP from Dark Horse is Umbrella Academy. The Netflix adaptation has seen two very successful seasons of its adaptation with the third one on its way.

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