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The beloved Dark Aether Bunny easter egg from Black Ops Cold War Zombies returns in Vanguard Zombies on the Shi No Numa. The bunny easter egg has quickly grown in popularity and has become an iconic easter egg ever since Black Ops Cold War.

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The bunny easter egg is present in all the Cold War Zombies maps in one form or the other. The bunny easter egg is a side-easter that gives free loot, which is essential for survival. Rewards can include free points, high-tier loot, and salvage for crafting.

This guide shows you how to do the Shi No Numa version of the bunny easter egg. For this easter egg to work, you must have progressed through the main easter egg quest until you can drink the zombie blood from the perk fountain in the flogger courtyard. This is possible only after the ceremony step of the main easter egg quest.

The guide continues assuming you've already completed the ceremony step of the main easter egg quest. Feel free to check out our main easter egg guide if you don't know how.

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Empty Perk Fountain

Assuming you've already completed the ceremony step, make your way to the Flogger Courtyard, and you will see an empty perk fountain next to the stairs.

You need to fill this perk fountain with zombie blood. When you're in zombie blood mode, you can see objects otherwise not possible.

To fill the fountain with zombie blood, activate the flogger trap and lure zombies into it. The zombies that fly and hit the fountain will fill it up with blood. The more kills you get, the more it will fill. Once it is filled, you will get a prompt to drink from it.

The fountain acts as a charge. The maximum charge it can hold is three. This means that once it is filled, you can drink from it three times before filling it up again.

The Bunny Parts

Now that you have the zombie blood available, here is how you can get the parts. To see the parts, you must be in zombie blood mode. You can only stay in the zombie blood mode for about a minute. After that, you will need to drink the blood again.

Remember that the zombie blood in Vanguard does not work the same as in the previous games, where the zombies would ignore you. In this, the zombies will still attack you. It is also worth noting that when you're not in zombie blood mode, you can hear a child's laughter when you go to the bunny locations. Although you won't be able to see the part, you can hear the laughter, which also tells you about the location.

Bunny Part 1

The first bunny part is found outside the Fishing Hut. It is in the swamp just to the right of the entrance stairs. You can see it in the water near the edge of the map. The part has a blue haze or a glow around it.

Bunny Part 2

To get the second bunny part, you need to activate the zipline from the Doctor's Quarters. The zipline switch is just outside the Doctor's Quarters building.

Before activating, drink the zombie blood. The part is underneath the zipline platform.

Activate the zipline, and the platform will descend towards the Doctor's Quarters. You can pick it up once it is low enough.

Bunny Part 3

The third and final bunny part requires you to use the mystery box. No, it is not inside the box, but you need to move the box for the part to reveal itself. The best way to do this is by first finding the location of the mystery box.

As always, look for a beam of light in the sky to pinpoint the exact location of the box.

Go to the mystery box and use it at least three times. This is so when we are in zombie blood, it is closer to moving to a different location. The zombie blood only lasts a minute or so. Therefore, it is best to do some pulls before going into the zombie blood mode.

Once you're comfortable knowing the location and using the box at least three times, go back and drink the zombie blood.

Run Back to the box and keep using it, should be one or two more hits, and the box will float in the air before flying away. You will see a bunny instead of a weapon when it is about to fly away.

You will see the bunny part under the box as it is flying away. Pick it up, and you're done.

The Rewards

When you pick up the third piece, you will see a bunch of drops that include 5,000 points, Fire Sale, and high-tier loot, including a Self-Revive if you don't have one.

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