Daniel Radcliffe denies Wolverine casting rumors

The Harry Potter star also admitted to and apologized for fueling the rumors because he was a bit bored.

Daniel Radcliffe has shut down the rumors he'll take over playing Wolverine in the MCU. The Harry Potter star made this revelation during a recent interview with GQ.

Daneil Radcliffe
Radcliffe has been touted to replace Hugh Jackman since the latter's appearance as Wolverine.

Following Hugh Jackman’s exit from the role in the 2017 film Logan, rumors have been rife that Radcliffe will be cast as the character. However, the 33-year-old has denied any and all talks with respect to Wolverine and has more or less declared that he is not interested, stating that he does not want to "get locked into something that I am not sure I will be able to love the same amount the whole time." He also admitted that he is partially responsible for the rumors as he has, out of boredom, said things that set them off.

In Radcliffe’s words, "It's purely a press tour rumor; I say something, and then occasionally I get bored of answering that way so I say something different, and that sets it off again. I should just never open my mouth."

Radcliffe’s interview with GQ is not the first time he will address these rumors. Earlier in the year, the diminutive actor said the same thing about the rumors on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He also granted an interview to The View during a promotional tour for a film.

During the interview, he stated that the rumors that attach him to the Wolverine character come up every once in a while. According to him, fans attach him to the project because he is short, which fits the comics’ depiction of the character.

The actor went on to state, "This isn't the answer that anybody's going to want, but I think I was so able to go back and enjoy it because it's not a part of my day-to-day life anymore." He continued, "I'm getting to a point where I feel like I made it out of Potter okay and I'm really happy with where I am now, and to go back would be such a massive change to my life. I'm never going to say never, but the Star Wars guys had like 30, 40 years before they went back."

Daneil Radcliffe
Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3 film.

Radcliffe is one of the few actors who can relate to Hugh Jackman. Radcliffe can't shake off the character Harry Potter after portraying it for a decade. While playing a popular role is a dream come true, it also ensures they can never truly put the character behind them, even when they try new things.

Nevertheless, Radcliffe has tried to get out of the shadows of the Harry Potter franchise and establish himself as a capable actor with many talents. He has spent several years working on small, independent films like Horns and Swiss Army Man. To his credit, he has succeeded in shedding a part of the stereotype. Recently, the actor rekindled his interest in mainstream movies. He had a role in the Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock comedy titled The Lost City and will also feature in the upcoming American biographical parody titled Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

As for Jackman, he will return as Wolverine for a final time in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular character. The film is slated for a November 8, 2024 release.

Radcliffe’s latest movie Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will stream exclusively on the Roku channel from November 4.

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