Dana Carvey sparks fans’ hopes for Wayne’s World sequel

What originally started as a Saturday Night Live sketch eventually become a two-film box office hit that came out in 1992 and 1993.

Wayne’s World, the comedy film series that debuted in the 1990s, might be coming back. Recently, Dana Carvey, one of the lead actors, shared a cryptic image on his social media that hinted at the possibility of a revival of the film series about three decades after it first hit the big screen.

Wayne's World is a comedy film that debuted in 1992.

The image, which Carvey posted to his Instagram page, featured him and Mike Myers, his co-star, in a basement on what looks to be a Wayne’s World set. The image had the caption, "Garth says, 'I like to paint.'" In no time, the post had teeming fans, including Hollywood stars, stating their wish that the actor was teasing a revival of the popular film series. Frozen star Josh Gad also pitched in and commented, "Please let it be 3," while Mad TV and Loudermilk’s Will Sasso stated, "We're not worthy!"

Meanwhile, Carvey and Myers have reprised their roles as Wayne’s World’s lead characters Garth Algar and Wayne Campbell respectively on multiple occasions outside the original films, including an MTV Movie Awards show and a Super Bowl Commercial for Uber Eats in 2021.

Wayne’s World originated as an eponymous Saturday Night Live Sketch before it was released for the big screen in 1992. During its box office run, the film grossed $183.1 million against its relatively modest $20 million budget. The sequel, released the following year, had a less-than-promising theatrical run. It only managed to gross $72 million against a bigger $40 million budget. It also garnered a mixed-to-negative review against its predecessor’s mostly positive reviews.

Set in Aurora, Illinois, the film followed two friends, Algar and Campbell, who were rock and heavy metal fans. Together, Algar and Campbell ran a public-access television show in Wayne’s parent’s basement that captured the attention of television producer Benjamin Kane, who purchased the rights to the show. However, they found it difficult to adjust to the rigors of a professional studio environment as well as manage their friendship. The film focused on their relationship, alongside their interaction with other people in their circle.

Many of the film's fans clamored for a revival and now there is..

Apart from Myers and Carvey who portrayed Campbell and Algar respectively, Wayne’s World starred Tia Carrere, Rob Lowe, Lara Finn Boyle, Brian Doyle-Murray, Colleen Camp, and Kurt Fuller. The film was directed by Penelope Spheeris and based on a screenplay by Myers, Bonnie Turner, and Terry Turner.

By the way, a Wayne’s World revival will make many fans of the old film series happy. Following the resurgence and subsequent success of old films like Top Gun and Hocus Pocus, many of Wayne’s Worldfans clamored for a revival. Some even went as far as messaging the original director, Spheeris, asking her to direct another sequel. However, she couldn’t because she didn’t own the film’s property rights. Nevertheless, fans will be eagerly awaiting verifiable news about the film.

Wayne’s World parts one and two are available to stream on HBO Max.

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